Michael Vijuk McHenry County Board Literature

Here is the campaign literature of District 1 Democratic Party McHenry County Board candidate Michael Vijuk:

The front of Michael Vijuk’s palm card in his District 1 McHenry County Board campaign.

The back of Michael Vijuk’s District 1 campaign lliterature.


Michael Vijuk McHenry County Board Literature — 7 Comments

  1. I guess he learned from Jack Franks – don’t mention you are a Democrat.

  2. Michael Vijuk.

    When I hear that name I reach for my kris.

    He is a Grade A liberloid turkey.

  3. Did this guy support the thug Hillary Clinton? Did this guy support fellow Democrats in D.C. who demonized Bret Kavanaugh? Is there any candidate anywhere on the Democrat ticket who spoke out against the Democrat thugs such as Feinstein, Schumer, Blumenthal and our own Dick?

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