$40,000 Going to Edgar County Watchdogs (Illinois Leaks) as a Result of Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik’s FOIA Request Inaction

The Edgar County Watchdogs are becoming famous for telling those who do not reply to their Freedom of Information requests that they do no appeal to the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Bureau, but, instead, go to court.

That’s what the organization that published Illinois Leaks did with Algonquin Township.

FOIA requests were made of then-Freedom of Information Officer Karen Lukasik, the Township Clerk.

That was the smallest quorum at the October, 2018, Algonquin Township Board meeting.

At Tuesday’s Board meeting, it was announced that a $40,000 lawsuit settlement bill would be delayed until a meeting to be held later this month.

McHenry County Blog learned that the original request from the Watchdogs’ attorney was for $50,000.

There were eight FOIA requests to which Lukasik did not reply.

The maximum fine for each count was $5,000.

Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser dismissed the $50,000 demand out of hand.

The $40,000 goes to requests that “were parts of FOIA’s to the Highway Department that asked for records I didn’t have access to, tht the Clerk does, that were not turned over in time,” Gasser said.

“Because they were Highway Department records, I was libel,” he continued.

“It’s nothing I did.

“I’ve turned over records I have that [have} been FOIAed.”

The suit against the Township part of Algonquin Township government continues.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser sigeds the Intergovernmental Agreement right after Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow affixed his signature.

In other business, the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Road District and the Township was approved by the Township Board, then signed by both Supervisor Chuck Lutzow and Road Commissioner Gasser.

No settlement agreement has been filed with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.


$40,000 Going to Edgar County Watchdogs (Illinois Leaks) as a Result of Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik’s FOIA Request Inaction — 6 Comments

  1. Of course Mr. Gasbag, it’s not your fault, why would anyone think an idiot like you would be at fault.

    Blame the other idiot. What’s another $40,000.00 in legal fees, no skin off your back.

    Tell us again how much you are saving us as opposed to the abuses of the past road commissioner, and what a great job you are doing.

  2. There is a lesson to be learned from the ‘Algonquin experience’.

    If you suspect you can do a better job (lower the cost to the taxpayers) than any current elected official, here are the steps:

    1. Get yourself elected to fill the position

    2. Start lowering the cost to the taxpayer

    Do not waste taxpayer dollars trying to prove you are a better person than the one you have replaced.

    If the person you have replaced was doing anything illegal, let the legal authorities work on it like they did in Dixon and East St. Louis Township.

  3. Why is Gasser getting blamed for the idiocy of Luka-sick?

    Make her pay, personally!

  4. All the legal fees originate from Gasser’s poor handling of the events at Alg twh.

    Pile on and get paid seems to be the game at the moment.

    Tax payer $$$$ thanks to Gasser aren’t going to what they were taxed for, fact!

  5. Good Work Edgar County Watchdogs!

    Use the $ to help expose more McHenry County Corruption!

    Suggested targets:

    McHenry Township Road Dist.

    Rick “I own the City of McHenry” Jett’s empire of sin

    Aaron Shepley, Master Cylinder of the ‘Tax Machine’

    Aavang the Great, County Board puppet of “the Jackal”

    “The Jackal” himself!

  6. Hey, y’all seem to be missing the point!

    That’s our money!

    I’m not keen on it going to Edgar County OR the Miller National Bank!

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