Mahady Refuses to Say She Won’t Be a Double-Dipper

Remember how disappointed with the McHenry County League of Women Voters I was when the group’s question screeners refused to ask the jobs any of the six state senate candidates would hold in addition to their State Senate seat, if elected?

To the rescue Monday came Northwest Herald Editor Jon Styf.

McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady refused to say that she would resign her Township post, if elected.

The best she could do was to say, “Probably not.”

At the January 11th meeting of the McHenry Township Board, Trustee Bob Anderson asked,

“You’re running for State Senator.  Do you plan to resign from your position as Assessor?”

Mary Mahady

Mahady’s reply: “As you know, it is permissible to hold both offices,” she said pointing to a 21-year Fremont Township Assessor who served as State Representative for fourteen years.

“It is possible to do it, but, obviously, we have to see how the election turns out…So, I’m not willing to let it be turned over to, to have someone appointed by this Board, quite honestly.”

Bill Cunningham interjected, “So, you don’t plan on resigning?”

Craig Wilcox

Mahady replied, “If elected to serve as Senator, I will fulfill my duties as Assessor until the next election when the residents of the Township get to decide who they want to be their next Assessor.”

Democrat Mahady is running against recently appointed Republican State Senator Craig Wilcox.



Mahady Refuses to Say She Won’t Be a Double-Dipper — 27 Comments

  1. Even if she said she would resign, so what?

    Politicians lie a lot!

    Just look at one of her heroes – you know, the rat pusher, the County ‘liar in chief’.

  2. “I’m not willing to let it be turned over to, to have someone appointed by this Board, quite honestly.”

    Can’t say I disagree with that point.

    Maybe if she picked the person for approval, her first Assistant perhaps?

  3. But by drawing two smaller paydays, this selfless Public Servant is not one of the 63 K Public Sector f’wits in Illinois, making $100 K plus, costing you $8 B yearly.

  4. She would have two part-time jobs.

    So what?

    Is that “double dipping,” or just hard working?

  5. Having two government jobs has been defined as “double dipping” for decades.

  6. What kind of fool is Mahady?

    She earns probably $100,000 with benefits as assessor.

    Does she think taxpayers would be willing to pay her another $70,000 as state senator and feel well served?

    Looks like she’s been overpaid for the years she’s been in office.

    Time to reevaluate salaries at the township!

    Looks like hers should be cut as it must be a part-time job.

  7. She sounds like our crooked State’s Attorney!

    It’s ‘permissible’ but unethical!!!

    –and 2 pensions! What about that tax-hog!?

  8. She is obviously not going to resign at least until the 2021 township elections as she does not want the current township board to be able to pick her replacement.

    Wilcox did not have to resign his county board seat when he was appointed but he did anyway, despite the fact that Franks will effectively pick his replacement.

  9. Look at the Township double-dipping pigs, too!

    Maybe Shady Lady Mahady’s ‘probably not’ response was to “Are you going to win the senate race?”

  10. Michael, it!’s double dipping, not hard work.

    If she is collecting salary for a full-time job and doing a full-time job, then she wouldn’t have time to be in Springfield representing us.

    What she’s telling us is that the assessor is not a full-time job and that means she’s highly overpaid at this time, as are Adams and Condon.

  11. Wilcox gets a military pension, military disability check, free VA healthcare, and his County board members check.

    Quad dipper.

  12. Not gets, got, my bad.

    Now it’s the IL Senate’s payroll, not county.

  13. Nob, so you’re against retired military serving in public office?

    Or are you against military pensions?

    Or do you think members injured in service don’t deserve disability pay?

    Please clarify.

  14. Actually, I’ve never really understood the whole”double dipping” issue.

    Two jobs at once is questionable.

    But two different jobs sequentially?

    What’s wrong with that?

    I know other people who worked two (non-government) jobs for 20 years each and get two pensions, albeit not as good as one 40 year pension.

  15. Mahady the poor martyr.

    Maybe we should call her Mahamartyr.

    She’ll be another Madigan tool, and vote that sleaze in as speaker.

    She won’t even have a choice!

  16. The issue for me has always been with people who draw a government pension while working a different government job.

    Sometimes, it’s pretty much the same job that’s been reclassified as something else.

    Sometimes it’s pretty much the same job with a different employer.

    We allowed public employee unions to get too powerful and prevail upon our legislators that it’s OK to start drawing a pension at 50 or 55.

    That’s one of the major reasons that Illinois is in the fiscal mess that it’s in.

    Able bodied people who retire from their government gig at 50 or 55 shouldn’t be able to draw a pension until they reach normal retirement age.

    They can do something else in the interim.

  17. In what alternate universe do you live, Nob, where military pension, disability and healthcare for a qualified veteran ranks as “quad dipping” with a county board pension???

    Do you just miss the point or don’t care to see?

    Obviously you’ve not served or you’d be the first one in line for benefits.

    We all know you have the typical township mentality but once in a great while you could try to break free.

  18. Steve Willson,


    Sometimes gov pensions can be over the top, but not always.

    Disability pay for those that really deserve it works also.

    He also doesn’t pay property taxes.

    Some disabled vets have purchased more expensive homes because they don’t pay property taxes.

    I’m a disabled vet who is just filling in on the some of the related facts, Fair and Balanced.

  19. Nob, you called him a quad dipper and now you want to avoid my questions.

    You use the term “Government pensions” in your response, when Wilcox gets a not military pensions, and say they can be over the top, but not always.

    You brought it up in Wilcox’s case, so you must think his is over the top.

    Otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned it in that context.

    So say it out loud: You think Wilcox’s military pension is extravagant.

    You mentioned the disability and now you want to insinuate Wilcox doesn’t deserve it, but not say so exactly out loud. So say it out loud: You think Wilcox doesn’t really deserve military disability.

    Wilcox takes advantage of a statutory rule to avoid property taxes.

    We all take advantage of tax breaks that help us: I use the homeowners exemption and the senior exemption.

    Are you against those, or just exemptions for disabled military?

    Again, either it’s an accusation about Wilcox, or you’re equivocating.

    Which is it?

    You brought it up.

    Say it flat out: You think disabled veterans are cheating when they take advantage of a tax break the legislature gave them.

    You can’t avoid the direct implication of your statements.

  20. Let’s see, nob…fair and balanced…an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

    So nob’s position is that Wilcox doesn’t pay property taxes and might have bought a more expensive home.

    String’em up!

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