Bob Anderson Makes Another Pitch for Support in Consolidation McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township

A letter for the Northwest Herald from Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson, published with permission of its author:

More Oversight, Cutting Costs, Ending Patronage, Nepotism, Favoritism and Waste

Bob Anderson

Heads-up McHenry Township voters.

On November 6 you will have the opportunity to reduce the size and cost of government.
The following important question will be on your ballot.
Shall the Road District of the Township of McHenry be abolished with all rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities being assumed by the Board of the Township of McHenry?
When was the last time you had a chance to vote on a referendum to lower your tax bill by reducing the size and cost of government?
Vote Yes.
Consolidating the road department will have the benefits of more oversight, cut costs and will end patronage, nepotism, favoritism and waste.


Bob Anderson Makes Another Pitch for Support in Consolidation McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township — 22 Comments

  1. Sorry, Bob, but unless you can guarantee that if the referendum passes there will be a contract ready for a new highway commissioner to be selected by the NEW Board elected in 2021, you sir, are whistling Dixie.

    If the referendum passes what is to stop a group of well funded candidates from getting elected in 2021 and handing a six figure contract to your current highway commissioner?

  2. Patronage got Verr appointed to the board.

    Gasser at Alg Twh practices patronage by hiring Ryan P.

    Patronage has been around gov for ever and always will be.

  3. More BS from snowplow Bob.

    Where is the proof this will save money?

    I early voted no uncle Bob.

  4. More BS from the township leeches,

    Out of towner (the pension-downer), Paul Revere (McHenry Road Dist flunkie) and the nob (Booby Miller)

    The abolition isn’t just about money, it’s about forever ending one-man corruption, the ‘Booby Miller problem.’

    With Bob Anderson’s abolition, Road Dist. Commissioner (and his pension) will be zapped going forward, and five people (The Township Board of five) will be calling the shots.

    Stop the nepotism!


    The trustees make no money and aren’t trying to get their kids and in-laws jobs (unlike Muiller and His Majesty Condon). Patronage?

    There’s no pension for trustees, idiot.

    Why aren’t the township road crews working during this election cycle? THAT’s PATRONAGE!!!

  5. Township Road District: 100% Patronage.

    Township employees are physically beaten if they don’t tow-the-line~!

    Lake County sheriff’s police arrested Cuba Township Highway Commissioner Thomas W. Gooch on a misdemeanor battery charge March 11 after a township office worker claimed he yanked her hair.
    Gooch, 62, of the 23000 block of Old Barrington Road in Lake Barrington, disputed the 49-year-old woman’s allegations, saying he had only an argument with her about her son — who also worked for him — failing to come to work that day.

    “I expect to be found not guilty of the offense,” said Gooch, also a Wauconda-based attorney and a former Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District trustee. “Nobody could be more shocked than I at these allegations.”

    According to a Lake County sheriff’s report, a deputy was called to the Cuba Township offices near Lake Barrington at 3:47 p.m. March 11.

    The woman told the deputy Gooch had pulled her hair and yanked out her earring after a day of arguing. The woman said she and Gooch were friends, but not romantically involved.

    Much of the day’s arguments, the woman reported, stemmed from Gooch being upset she wasn’t wearing the “friendship ring” he had given her several months before.

  6. Anderson gets points for being who he is, a tough old Marine who works hard for what he believes in.

    If more taxpayers had his strength of conviction Illinois would be in better shape.

    Consolidation in all of our taxing bodies should be supported.

    Kudos, Bob.

    Keep going.

  7. The present system puts the Highway Commissioner in complete control and authority over the road district.

    This person is elected every four years.

    The new proposed system will put control of the Road district under the control of one Supervisor and four Trustees.

    These folks are elected every four years.

    So instead of one person being accountable, there will be five people.

    This will dilute accountability not increase it.

    This move has nothing to do with saving money or increased accountability.

    This referendum is the first step towards eliminating the Road District and eventually the Township.

    Just be an informed voter, not an emotional voter.

  8. Maybe Leopardman can answer the question: To repeat: If the referendum passes what is to stop a group of well funded candidates from getting elected in 2021 and handing a six figure contract to your current highway commissioner?

  9. Imagine this:

    The referendum passes and a Township trustee who just happens to control two of his crony trustees on the board is now in COMPLETE charge since he will also have control over approving the budget.

    No one is saving any money since a professional manager had to be hired to supervise the day-to-day road operations.

    Our Township trustee friend can now hire whomever he wants, spend as much as he wants and contract with whatever company he wants.

    Sound farfetched? Think again.

  10. Out of Towner,you’re not aware he already makes six figures in salary and benefits?

  11. “Election by the voters” is a slippery concept when it applies to township elections.

    In townships of over 15K in population, the township elections become partisan.

    Most townships have one party that predominates.

    So the primary winners of that party’s primary usualy win the general election.

    They can even br caucused in thus skipping the primary.

    The primary, when it does occur, is held on the fourth Tuesday in odd numbered years every four yesrs.

    Few voters evem know about it and turnout is usually in th 5 % or so range.

    To say that anyone has any tyoe of “mandate” for anything from these elections is ludicrous.

    Given the township election cycle,

  12. I’m NOT a Govt employee RetardoMan (LeopardMan)
    Another non-Einstein that can’t get his/hers facts straight.

  13. Townships are filled with crooks!


    The supervisor of Button Township in Ford County and secretary of the board of Paxton-Buckley-Loda School District has been charged with felony offenses for allegedly secretly promoting public business for his own trucking firm.

    For about 20 years, Dean Swan, 52, of rural Paxton, has been a board member of both the school district and Button Township, east of Paxton. He has been township supervisor for 5 1/2 years.

    He was arrested by state police on Friday for alleged official misconduct and violation of the “public officer prohibited activities act.”

    He is accused of not disclosing his financial relationship with businesses hired to complete work for the two governments units.

  14. Townships are a part of a great problem.

    We have too many taxing bodies.

    Time to cut.

  15. I say abolish.

    Why not?

    They’ve ripped me and family off long enough.

  16. No one on the current McHenry Township Board is guaranteed of election in 2021.

    A new Board would be in charge.

  17. Why are township trucks being used, and presumably township employees during working hours, putting up anti-abolition signs?

    I just wanna know!

  18. Why are townships trucks, presumably manned by Township employees, putting up anti-abolish/pro-road dist. signs

  19. Send a photo and a location next time you see something like this.

  20. Jendu, if you witness that, take a picture.

    It wouldn’t be a surprise as the township thugs feel they’re a law unto themselves.

    If you’ve been out today, notice the new signs they’ve put up saying “save your roads.”

    Evidently the “clip job” signs didn’t get the expected response so they now have to try a scare tactic.

    They must have gotten an influx of money from TOI or they’re using the $3,000 they got from our do-nothing ex-state senator Althoff.

    Now that her new little lucrative side job of being a paid lobbyist has surfaced she must feel like she can afford to give some campaign cash away.

    Being unopposed for county board helps.

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