Hultgren Rolls Out Third TV Ad

A press release from Congressman Randy Hultgren:

Hultgren Releases Third Ad of 2018 Election

Geneva, IL – U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren, running for re-election in the 14th Congressional District, has released his third ad of this campaign season.

As a senior member of the Science Committee and Chair of the STEM Caucus, Randy Hultgren is focused on training the next generation of leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

“I am working to make us a leader in STEM, by providing our kids with the building blocks for success and strengthening our economy with good and high paying jobs.

“That means encouraging innovation in our schools and businesses, and establishing scholarship initiatives so our kids are prepared to succeed,” said Rep. Hultgren.

“To keep us competitive in the future, we have to be working at it today.”



Hultgren Rolls Out Third TV Ad — 9 Comments

  1. Well that’s 100% true.

    Good commercial and good objective.

    All Underwood talks about is getting all aspects of the failing Obamacare back!

  2. Lame … doesn’t this guy want to win?

    Who’s this ad supposed to appeal to? Soccer moms?

    It’s terrible.

    He should put on that Underwood wants to make White boys a permanent slave/guilty class, with no future.

    That’ll get the soccer mom’s to vote.

    is he trying to play Carsten’s game about who’s the better technology person.

    Who cares!

  3. I agree, the Ad is very weak.

    What the hell is he trying to convey?

  4. Re: ” the Ad is very weak.”

    Call his office and let them know!!

  5. Hultgren is very weak so why should his ad’s be any different?

  6. I’ll vote for him over his opponent, but this ad? Meh.

  7. If he had no ads running I’d vote for him over his tax-raising, unqualified Democrat Socialist, just relocated to try and win a Dem Congress seat to be a yes woman to Madigan!!! ‘ALL DAY LONG, EARLY and OFTEN’ as the crooked Dems like to do!

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