The Question the League of Women Voters Would Not Ask

Disappointed again that my question with regard to what District 5 and 6 McHenry County Board candidates would do to get rid of the almost $40 million surplus in the Valley Hi Nursing Home Fund did not make it past the screeners at the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night Thursday.

One would think that with County Board Chairman Jack Franks telling people that each homeowner with a Homestead Exemption would get a $100 check, the question might be relevant.

Especially, since there is no statutory authority for the money to be spent on anything but Valley Hi.

But, no, the question was deemed less important than

Thoughts on having Citizen Advisory Committees

How candidates’ employers will accommodate their attendance at Board meetings (only one has to punch a time clock; the rest are retired or self-employed)

Whether a hearing impaired translator should be at all Board meetings

In that context, consider the League statement before any questions were asked:

“The League does not censor questions.” 

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The Question the League of Women Voters Would Not Ask — 6 Comments

  1. Oh yes …. the ‘League of women vipers’ world renowned for not censoring questions.

    Give you readers a break …. LOL.

  2. Fierabras, I put a question in and so did others, when I ran for school board.

    None of those questions were asked.

    I think that the questions should be put in the newspapers first and then it would be known if they censor questions or not.

  3. LWV a bunch of busy bodies with nothing much to do.

    Their get togethers have been a waste of time for decades.

  4. One evening they had time to spare and offered to let audience members directly ask questions.

  5. Mahady tangoes around question of whether she will resign as township assessor if she would win race for il senate (being a double dipper and having 2 part-time jobs that pay full-time salaries …and Pensions)

    Same with the guy running for Clerk.

    He Wouldn’t directly answer whether he would refuse the pension (Tirio has already refused as Recorder and will for Clerk)

    Ever notice that Democrats think the voters are stupid and they have their hands out just as much as their entitlement voters do.

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