Joe Tirio Endorsed for County Clerk by McHenry County Right to Life — 11 Comments

  1. So what does the Clerk’s office have to do with abortion?

  2. How is this relevant to the job of county clerk?

    Maybe we should find out their favorite colors?

    It’s has just as much to do with the job as their stance on abortion.

  3. Pro-Death groups that support the killing of fetus through abortion regularly support certain candidates who share their death views.

  4. Pretty sure neither Drew or Joe are going to be making ballots out of fetus parts.

    Completely irrelevant to the job and they just inadvertently convinced a lot of voters to support Georgi. (Because conservatives were going to support Tirio anyway, but a lot of moderates and women may have been on the fence before hearing this.)

    I want the most qualified person for the job.

    If I need my car fixed, I go to a mechanic, not a priest.

    Tirio is more qualified than Georgi.

    End of story.

  5. Tirio is a thousand times more qualified than Georgi.

    He didn’t need to seek this endorsement.

    In a primary, I can see it, but not in the general.

    It will more probably lose him votes than it gains.

  6. There are many issues, but some are more important than others.

    October is a special month of the year because it is Respect Life Month. This includes not only the baby conceived in its mother’s womb but life through natural death. The definition of quality of life is diverse and deserves clarification.

    It makes me so proud that the Catholic Church defends the innocent no matter what! We defend and support the life of a baby the absolute moment of conception! We do this with the help, love and guidance of our loving God. We also put our money where our mouth is by helping those in need during pregnancy with agencies, like 1st Way Life Center in Johnsburg, to help both medically and financially support their decision for life. The decision for life may not always be the easy decision, but it is the correct one! The agony and despair of women who realize after an abortion that their child was NOT a clump of cells is real and profound. They believe the LIE they were told only to find out the TRUTH too late and unable to reverse the mistake they made which they now must live with. It is a decision which they find difficult to forgive themselves.

    We the Church also defend the sick and the elderly. There is redemption in illness and ALL LIFE, no matter how difficult, is precious. There are times a family may say they do not want to see a loved one suffer, when in reality it is they who do not wish to suffer and deal with their loved one’s illness any longer. The reason for our life, the reason we were created is to go to heaven. That illness is their way to heaven. We the people who love them, are to help them on that journey and make it as easy and peaceful as possible for them to get there. We are not supposed to cut it short, rather, as the Good Samaritan, help them carry the load. God gives us the grace to help them and it is especially at those times we can feel God’s closeness.

    Having the McHenry County Right to Life Pro-Life Victory PAC endorsement is a moral principle. Joe Tirio understands and has embraced this principle in his leadership not merely as a duty and privilege, but as an opportunity meaningfully to participate in building the culture of life where every voice matters in the public forum.

  7. As a Roman Catholic, and pro-lifer, I expect Mr. Tirio to enthusiastically endorse Medicare for All. Why you ask? Because all lives matter. I learned that from my sunshine compassionate conservative republikkklan friends. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  8. You’ve got that right, Kay. But what do you expect from a Socialist Democrat? They have no values .

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