Did Northwest Herald Fall for False Flag?

The Paper of Record for McHenry County–the Northwest Herald–ran a story about anonymous letters delivered to homes of people with Democratic Party candidate signs in their front yards.

This is the paper that did not run timely stories last spring from anonymous allies of Jack Franks about the barrage of mailed post cards lying about County Clerk Joe Tirio and four Republican County Board candidates.

Did the NWH find the Democratic Party Chair to comment?


They found the guy who won’t even march with other Democrats in parades–McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

The article says they tried to reach Diane Evertsen, the GOP Chairman, but could not.

Two active Republicans left the following comments under the story:

Orville Brettman

Anyone that believes these were real letters and not just a ploy to gather sympathy for ‘Socialists’ is brain dead. The Republican County Chairman can’t be found, but Jack Franks ( see: https://www.lyingjackfranks.com/) manages to get a big fat quote about a story he had no part in (or did he?). NWH, we’ve got your number.

Hope someone checks on how many hits the website gets by way of this referral.

Richard blasted them as well:

Richard Rostron

Seems more like an orchestrated effort from the Democrats than a legitimate story. No one with a clue would send letters as stupid as this to people with the opponent’s signs on their lawns. They would know, intuitively that the opposition would seek to make fodder of this. The story only makes any sense at all if it starts as a smear from the Left. If, somehow, it came from someone on the ‘right,’ they’re not someone who shares the attitudes, campaign strategies or intellect of the overwhelming majority of conservatives and Republicans.

So, was the story the result of a False Flag operation?

Read part of the definition of False Flag offered by Wikipedia:

false flag is a covert operation designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group, or nation being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.

But, maybe Black Propaganda better describes what this might be:

“The major characteristic of black propaganda is that the people are not aware that someone is influencing them, and do not feel that they are being pushed in a certain direction.[2]

Black propaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true source. This type of propaganda is associated with covert psychological operations.[3]

Sometimes the source is concealed or credited to a false authority and spreads lies, fabrications, and deceptions. Black propaganda is the “big lie“, including all types of creative deceit.[4]

Black propaganda relies on the willingness of the receiver to accept the credibility of the source. If the creators or senders of the black propaganda message do not adequately understand their intended audience, the message may be misunderstood, seem suspicious, or fail altogether.[4]”


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  1. We must thank racist legion of justice loser for leading the fight of protecting us from socialism. We must also thank Mr. Rostron for his accurate description of evil fascists: “people with no clue.” And above all, we must thank our beloved sunshine blogger for leading the way in the final destruction of the Northwest Herald. Stay tuned…22 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. I think that this story is much more interesting and perhaps more real than all of cal’s stolen signs stories.

    Those in the gully photos cal posts of damaged signs are just funny to anyone who understands public properties and signage.

    But that’s his weak butt reporting; and he uses ole orv’s comments to go after the press.

    orv is a underhanded guy who lives in the past.

    orv knows all about entering into the opponent’s domain to get the results.

  3. Cal this is pathetic even for you.

    Or should I say especially for you?

    When I read a friend’s copy of this letter my first thought was “That sounds exactly like those brain dead trolls who post of McHenry County Blog any time a Democrat is mentioned!”

  4. None of the democrats I know have time to engage in silliness like this- they are all busy knocking on doors for Lauren Underwood and the rest of the Democratic ticket.

    Seeing as how the hole in the head gang here at MCB write 5 or 6 rather sad bits of doggeral whining about Jack Franks each week….

  5. Joe Kvidera is right. People on the left would never do something like that…




    (And there are plenty examples of Trump supporters LARPing as left-wingers and writing nasty stuff, so it happens on both sides.)

    It’s not like anonymous letters that harmed Republicans have ever been sent in McHenry County…



    Seems kinda fishy that this letter was
    -sent to two people who live across the street from each other
    -no reports of it anywhere else
    -two people happen to be outspoken supporters of the Democratic Party
    -NW Herald found 4 Democrats to quote, zero Republicans
    -they all parroted the same general point about “hate”
    -NW Herald doesn’t even bring up the possibility that this could have been done by someone who was not a Democrat, instead lets high ranking Democrats like Franks and Zahorik control narrative
    -written as some over-the-top, buffoonish caricature of a right-winger

    The quote from Franks is inaccurate too. The MCH GOP did not support Orv. He was in a primary, and the GOP officially remained neutral. GOP voters then decided, and Orv came in 4th place in a 4-way race. So NW Herald doesn’t care much about accuracy, but if Jack says it then it’s good enough!

    When is NW Herald going to cover the ongoing lawsuit that Kerri Barber has against former McHenry County Dem Chairman Bisset, current chairman Kristina Zahorik, Democratic State Senate candidate Nancy Zettler, and sole Democrat county board member Paula Yensen for damages exceeding 50,000 dollars? http://caseinfo.co.mchenry.il.us/pca/CaseView.jsp
    Didn’t they write multiple pieces on Eck’s dismissed kangaroo cases suing Republicans?

  6. The newspaper article said:

    “Parisi called the Woodstock police. An officer did not deem the letter a threat, but made a photocopy of the letter in case there are future incidents.”

    Maybe the police should have kept the letters. Perhaps there is dna on the letters and the envelopes.

  7. Imagine being so deplorable that you have to accuse a REVEREND of lying in order for your party to save face.

  8. Orchestrated ruse right before midterm.

    This is classic Democrat style framing by amateurs and smalltime fear mongers.

    Why would the recipient include her sexual preference in the article?


    Dead giveaway!

  9. Scott Taillet
    Well, whoever wrote this letter, is obviously both, arrogant and crass. Noticeable is the poor run on sentence, structure. In reality, there are intelligent people in both parties. I happen to be conservative with money and family values. Therefore, choose the Republican Party.

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    Scott Taillet
    Image may contain: one or more people, meme and text
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    Tracy Frank
    Babies….I don’t give a rats azz about some lawyers kin being butt hurt over an opinion….nor does the NwH care about whether my paper makes it to my stoop. Still a cheap rag read though at less than $6 a month
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    Robert Beltran
    More disappointing than the letter she received are the comments I see here.
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    John Berg
    More stupid hill billy spewing, great again we are.
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    Michael J. Fleck
    Hmmm. A little too perfect for my taste. Not buying it, and now the NW Herald has bought into a questionable story with another freebee quote from the Dem chairman. https://www.thecollegefix.com/year-review-17-campus-hate…/
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    Grant Barry
    Probably sent the letter to herself.
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  10. hey she’s a Democrat. I’ve seen the level to which they’ll stoop.

    Why would a 70 yr old reverend make sure that the paper includes that she’s a Lesbian?

    It’s a set up! …and don’t forget the plug for her daughter running for county board.

  11. Seems to be the work of a Democrat.

    Republicans don’t care enough about someone’s lawn signs to send that type of letter.

    Republicans care more about policy.

    emocrats worry more about how to spend the citizens money and get elected at all costs, my two cents.

  12. Believe me, the Republicans of this County have been involved in some very shady stuff in previous races.

    I am no fan of the Democrats especially at the national level but McHenry County is full of sleazy Republicans.

  13. If the letters are real, compare them to: “Deserae Morin, a Republican running for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives, received an ominous death and rape threat letter from someone claiming to be a socialist.”

    “We are hunting you. My comrades will kill you and the Constitution. First we will rape you for days. You will scream and know that agonizing horror. No equal rights for Republicans. Socialism is here. Open season for Republican death in Vermont.”

    Was the Vermont letter a result of comments by Elisabeth Warren?

    Eric Holder?

    Maxine Waters?

    Other MSM idols?

  14. “Oh My, that’s horrible. I will now be voting Democrat!!!”

    Is that what they want us to say?

    First Chirikos crying about his one yard sign and now this?

    Wreaks of democrat desperados.

    They lash out with all they can dream up then turn on a dime to play the victim.

    Games Democrat People Play:


    Still praying for the Trump and Kavanaugh families after All the vile life threatening filth and horror the lunatic Dems have hoisted upon them in attempts to ruin their lives is despicable. (including threatening to rape and decapitate their children!!!)

    Haven’t heard a one Democrat denounce that behavior.

    And if you want to bring up minsters lets talk about what the left has done to Graham to discredit him, and discredit all Christians!

    Then turn around and call Jackson and Sharpton ‘niggers’ on hot mics, and behind the scenes but fain reverence and use them to keep blacks on their Democrat Plantations!

    As a Republican, IF this story has one shred of truth to it, I denounce these actions.

  15. Hey Everyone…..Way back When,I am talking years ago when the Franks Gang opened their offices outside of Marengo….Jack Franks Claimed that some one sent them some hate Mail about the biblical inscription above the entrance way to their offices

    Today I have come to the conclusion…there wasn’t any…..

  16. Hey Everyone…..Way back When,I am talking years ago when the Franks Gang opened their offices outside of Marengo….Jack Franks Claimed that some one sent them some hate Mail about the biblical inscription above the entrance way to their offices

    Today I have come to the conclusion…there wasn’t any.

  17. Why are there so many voters interested in vague generalized irrelevant un-provable claims
    and NOT
    SPECIFIC, ECONOMICALLY DEVIATING, factually provable projects designed to rape the taxable class for benefit of the political class>?

    For example,
    Teachers contracts
    School Administrators contracts
    Municipal Ruler benefits

    I believe each taxing district needs it’s citizens (taxpayers) to pay an objective watchdog, in order to survive this political-class aggressive strip-mining of public taxable property collateralization.

  18. True, Trump and Kavanaugh have been through hell with the Democrats vile threats to them and their families, but what about Scalia??

    Republicans playing baseball were shot at!

    Scalia was almost killed and has permanent damage due to the violence and intolerance from the Left.

    These people will do anything to discredit Republicans (even Republicans who act more like Democrats are their victims)

    Locally Tiriol, Rein, Wheeler, Schuester and Brettmann were lied about ruthlessly.

    Remember the boatload of mailers from “IL Integrity Fund?” and Robocalls by “Real Republicans’?

    Defamation/Slander courtesy of Democrats.

    I’m not buying this stunt. They’re trying to steal your votes, folks!

  19. Steve Scalise NOT Scalia was wounded by a Democrat politician supporter.

  20. I don’t suppose any of you false flag wavers are going to apologize when the Woodstock cops make the arrest, are you?

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