County Board Member Larry Smith Goes Full-Bore Free Enterprise in Opposition to Government Subsidized Solar Farms

Larry Smith

At last Thursday’s McHenry County Board Committee of the Whole meeting, District 6 member Larry Smith was not shy about his opposition to solar farms on prime farmland.

He doubled down at the McHenry County League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night in answer to the question about whether the County Board should allow solar farms on good farmland.

Larry Smith admitted it was a “hot subject,” but said he didn’t feel that McHenry County’s open spaces should be covered with solar arrays.

“The companies are not viable without government subsides to pay land owners three-five times market rate [for their land].

Larry Spaeth

One of the other candidates on the District 6 ballot, Larry Spaeth said, “I am in favor of solar farms, [but operators should not be] let to walk away at the end of [the solar units’] lifetime.”

John Jung

John Jung of District 5 was also in support of solar farms, “if in the right spot not across from subdivisions.

He suggested putting them under high power lines.

McHenry County Board member John Jung suggested putting solar farms under high power lines.  These cross Walkup Road in Crystal Lake.

Michael Rein

Michael Rein,also from District 5, replied in the affirmative, but said they “need to be in certain areas.”

He pointed out that regulations already exist in the Unified Development Ordinance for rehabilitation of the land.

Carlos Acosta

He added that there are only about one hundred subsidies this year, so that many of the applicants in McHenry County are unlikely to be built, even if approved by the County Board.

The final candidate District 5 Democrat Carlos Acosta also favored solar farms, but thought they should put put on “roofs of government buildings.”


County Board Member Larry Smith Goes Full-Bore Free Enterprise in Opposition to Government Subsidized Solar Farms — 9 Comments

  1. Who is talking about government subsidized solar panels in McHenry County?

    I’ve only heard about private developers who wanted to buy land and pay for the panels themselves.

    To the extent that the government is involved…. zoning approval was about it.

    Or are you counting it as a “subsidy” if a developer “takes away” (buys) farmland?

    I see a lot of contortions in politics regularly.

    When Trump proposed cutting regulations to allow ethanol to be sold year round, the American Petroleum Institute came out against it with some unintelligible poppycock about “let the consumers decide.” …when they were the ones supporting a regulation that did NOT let consumers decide.

    What is the actual argument here?

    Are solar farms taxed lower than traditional farms or what am I missing?

    Is somebody proposing we subsidize solar farms?

    Is he referring to state or federal subsidies?

    Somebody explain.

    Not enough context!

    We need more context!!

    We need smart leaders!!!

  2. Acosta typical Democrat.

    Wants taxpayers to pay for solar farms!


  3. How many milligrams of oxycodone did you snort this morning, Casey? Or is your zombie-like ignorance due to your fondness for Norco?

    Ever hear of CRP- the Conservation Reserve Program?

    Likely not.

    Those are the subsidies farmers get for not farming.

    Strange, that Larry Smith did not utter one word about that.

    Hard to talk with so much shit in his mouth, I guess.

    If you learned how to read beyond the 3rd grade level, Casey, you may want to review this article before opening your syphilis-ridden piehole again:

  4. The normally ‘brain dead’ Smith actually has a point.

    “In the U.S. alone in 2016, $18.4 billion was spent on energy subsidies; $11 billion of that went to renewable energy and $3 billion to energy efficiency.”

    Why is there a current RUSH to get applications filed for solar farms?

    Some subsidies are set to expire.

    “There are two subsidies that together can reduce the cost of a commercial solar power system by 70-75% of the original installed price.”

    An informed electorate is required to keep government and opportunists like J.B. in check.

  5. How about putting solar “farms” in abandoned/used up gravel pits?

    The taking of good farmland for the industrial use of generating solar power in McHenry County with a 42.3040° N latitude is beyond dumb and this is only happening because of Govt subsidies.

  6. What is Prime Farm Land?

    You mean Land that brings how much in Government subsidies?

    Growing crops like soy beans that have always been a loss leader.

  7. See how tolerant the Left is? Look at John Loveaas’ comments. This is the “love everyone always” and “no home for hate” democrats for you.

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