Schermerhorn Reveals School Building Savings Possibilities

In her letter to McHenry County Board Finance and Audit Committee members last week, there were suggestions of how local taxpayers might save money in meeting the housing needs of students.

School expansion.

Alden-Hebron Unit District

Leslie Schemerhorn

Does Alden-Hebron really need a new $20,000,000 H.S. for 120 students? I attended the Alden-Hebron Community meeting. The tax payers in attendance were overwhelming against the impact it will have on property taxes.  There are several other alternatives.

  1. Consolidation with another adjacent district: Richmond-Burton or Woodstock.  This remedy has many hurdles.
  2. Remodel current H.S.  Architect is quoting $14,000,000.
  3. Deactivation of Alden-Hebron H.S., maintain Alden-Hebron District #19, dissolve H.S. and building and send High School students to another district at a mutually agreed upon tuition rate.

Prairie Grove Grade School District

Does the Prairie Grove #46 need millions of dollars in building improvements or should it Consolidate with Crystal Lake Elementary District which has declining enrollment? [Down 13% in nine years.] I have sent an email to the Chairman addressing how this situation may be a good place to start the consolidation discussion.


Schermerhorn Reveals School Building Savings Possibilities — 1 Comment

  1. FINALLY! Someone with the good sense to suggest that it would be in the best interests of BOTH the taxpayer and “the children” to close the school and send them somewhere else.

    I mean let’s be realistic.

    Given the choice between $20 MILLION or a paltry $14 MILLION?

    All for a high school with 120 kids?

    It’s thinking like THAT which has lead us down the forever in debt path.

    Let’s get this done.

    The school board should immediately form a committee that includes board members, parents, AND regular taxpayers to put together a plan and start negotiating with neighboring districts.

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