Tribune Endorses Mary Mahady for State Senate

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board has endorsed McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady to replace Pam Althoff in the State Senate.

The endorsement is below:

Mary Mahady

32nd District: Departing Sen. Pamela Althoff, R-McHenry, planned to finish her term in January and transition to a position on the McHenry County Board, a seat for which she is running unopposed on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Competing for her Senate seat?

Republican McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox and Democratic McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady.

But then Althoff retired from the Senate unexpectedly a few weeks ago and within hours, shepherded the appointment of Wilcox to replace her.

Surprise, voters!

You have a new senator.

Who knew to even apply for the job?

That’s appalling one month before the election.

Voters should get behind Mahady, of McHenry, who has a plan to reform property taxes.

She’s an expert on the abuse of homeowner exemptions, a practice that costs honest taxpayers plenty.

Send a message, McHenry County.

Are you tired of politicians handing off seats to pals instead of waiting for voters to decide?

If so, vote for Mahady.


Tribune Endorses Mary Mahady for State Senate — 8 Comments

  1. Pam Althoff did a very smart thing in getting Col Wilcox sworn in before the Nov election, now, if Col. Wilcox is elected to the position in Nov he will have seniority over any other new elected Senators which will bode well for his constituents.

    I applaud Pam’s gracious and smart move.

  2. Was this before or after Althoff’s endorsement?

    I mean, it’s OK for Wilcox to try and broaden his base, but he’s wrecking his ‘aura’ with such shenanigans.

    Althoff, Pam didn’t give a damn. Except for herself.

  3. She’s an expert on abuse all right.

    Look at her own assessments!

  4. Classic example of why you can no longer trust ANYTHING that comes from the MSM.

    “But then Althoff retired from the Senate unexpectedly a few weeks ago and within hours, shepherded the appointment of Wilcox to replace her.”

    An absolute LIE!

    I expect this crap from Jack Franks because all he does other then bully is lie.

    Even this blog mentioned Althoff’s press release on Aug. 31.

  5. Mahady’s plan is to take away the Veteran’s benefit on property taxes and to raise taxes, legalize weed and of course fight for more and more abortions! The Tribune got the whole sequence of events of Althoff and Wilcox wrong, but then again…FakeNews.

  6. I always muse at people who can’t get past the past. I served 30 years and never once in my post military life have I used my rank. What purpose does it serve? You can’t live in the past if you want to move your community forward.

  7. Mahady wants to legalize weed?

    Great idea!

    Colorado is pulling in huge tax dollars- we could sure use those.

  8. Agree. I also humbly decline to be referred as PhD. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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