Democrat Tears Up Texas Republican Signs

One commenter under this story seemed to imply that the Sean Casten supporter trying to remove a Peter Roskam sign was a staged event.

Coincidentally, I received a link to the YouTube sign destroyer below at about the same time.

Watch what this guy does to two Ted Cruz signs and tell me he isn’t a Democrat.


Democrat Tears Up Texas Republican Signs — 8 Comments

  1. Some of the violence, but not nearly all of it, is documented in this new film.

    And now Hillary says her party can’t be civil unless they regain control.

    Dear lefties,

    Go back to your peace and love hippy stuff. It’s a better look than professors cracking their students heads open with bike locks.

  2. Which is it? Are democrats snowflakes or killing machines?

    Speaking of killing, Heather Heyer?

  3. Democrat supporters get their marching orders from top Democratic leadership such as Maxine Waters. She was on national tv in recent months encouraging Democrat followers to get in the faces of Trump Administration officials and Republicans. She told followers to confront them in stores, gas stations, etc. These followers then confronted Trump Administration people and Republican leaders and their spouses in restaurants and forced them to get up from their tables and leave.

    The Democratic Party has gone off the rails. There are very few Democratic leaders that are calm and reasonable. The only one that comes to mind is Joe Mancin of WV. Joe Lieberman was a reasonable and rational top leader and then the radical kook fringe in his Party kicked him out. Look at the top Democratic leaders during the recent Senate Judiciary hearings. Their top people such as Whitehouse, Blumenthal, Booker, Harris, Durbin and their leader Schumer were consistently angry and mean.

    Since the Senate Hearings, another top Democrat came along and said that Republicans should be kicked when down.

    If there are rational and reasonable people such as Mancin still around in the Democratic Party, they need to lead a movement to purge the Party of the radicals and kooks and return that Party to respectability.

  4. The only political divide I see, is between people who are willing to laugh at themselves and people who won’t.

  5. Okay. Look.

    You can’t label an entire group based on the actions of one or a few individuals.

    It’s like saying all McHenry County residents are drug addicts because a few of them are.

    Or, all gun owners are murderers because one of them is.

    Pointing fingers at each other is a distraction from solving the issues.

    It keeps us divided.

    Wasn’t it Lincoln who said (quoting the bible): “A house divided cannot stand”

  6. Nobody called liberals a snowflake here.

    And you don’t think it’s possible to be highly sensitive and aggressive? It’s actually quite simple to explain.
    >Modern “progressive” is intolerant to others’ beliefs — acts out in violent ways towards people he/she disagrees with.

    It’s like a temper tantrum.

    There is absolutely no contradiction here.

    Why can’t you just condemn violence on your side? Are you a violent guy or something?

    Heather Heyer was ran over after a mob started hitting a vehicle with weapons.

    The left commits acts of violence on a nearly daily basis, and all you have is one incident that happened over a year ago as somehow “proof” that the right is violent?

    lol go cry more

  7. Kvidera, They can be snowflakes and violent misguided sat the same time.

    When their coddling safespaces don’t comfort them they go all whack job with entitlement and start attacking others.

    They are willing to violently take to the streets but can’t even articulate why they are protesting!

    Dumb-o-Rats is an understatement.

    These are the fascists that come under the guise of Antifascism.

    Be careful what you wish for, violent Snowflakes, you just may get it, yet won’t be able to handle it!

    Well this may just be the method to their madness.

    Hitlery Killton and Kill Gates want population controt thru a great culling. Guess those vaccines aren’t eliminating enough subjects. “Let
    Them eat cake, and kill each other!”

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