Message of the Day – A Rat Balloon

During the day, the next 7-11 being built where Teddy’s Liquors used to be has a blown up rat on the corner.

Local 150 of the Operating Engineers is not happy with the non-union operating of a big back hoe at the site of the return of 7-11 to Crystal Lake.

The first 7-11 was where the current Convenient Mart is located at Devonshire and Route 14.

In the 1960’s the 7-11 actually opened at seven and closed at eleven.


Message of the Day – A Rat Balloon — 9 Comments

  1. Another example of ‘bullying’.

    Democratics are the first to scream about bullying but their financial supporters are the bullies.

    A ‘strike’ is also simply another form of ‘bullying’.

  2. Imagine if you went to a job interview, didn’t get hired, and then picketed that store because they didn’t hire you.

    You would like like a moron; nobody would be on your side.

    Yet that’s what these unions are basically doing every time they cry about not getting a contract.

  3. I agree; putting up an inflatable sunshine blogger is outrageous. Stay tuned…18 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. I’m puzzled by Frank’s “150 doesn’t represent those workers” remark.

    Isn’t that the point of the rat- that this isn’t a union job?

    And I’m really puzzled about 150, who is THE top donor to local republicans, being lumped in with “Democrats.”

  5. Joe, read the rat, this isn’t local 150 operating engineers.

    This is the laborers union.

  6. Someone should make a giant blow up sloth and start displaying it at union jobsites.

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