Mike Walkup Announces Resignation from County Board, Jack Franks Will Appoint Replacement

Mike Walkup

I was at the District 155 High School Board meeting Tuesday night and didn’t bother to listen to the concurrent McHenry County Board meeting tape.

Had I, I would have heard District 3 County Board member Mike Walkup announce his resignation.

Now, I’m told the Northwest Herald has an article on the subject, so, for those who do not read the NWH, now you know.

My understanding is that Walkup moved to Minnesota to be near his family.

When Walkup is out of office in December, Chairman Jack Franks will get to appoint his third Republican.

He has previously appointed District 1’s Chris Spoerl to replace Andrew Gasser and is due to appoint a replacement for Craig Wilcox in District 4.

Nancy Gonsiorek

My guess is that Franks will appoint Nancy Gonsiorek.

She withdrew from the Republican Primary Election to stand by Franks endorsing the Democrat’s proposal to get rid of the McHenry County Auditor as an elected post.

She was Frank’s choice to replace Pam Palmer as County Auditor.

Franks’ plan was to put a referendum on the ballot to abolish this fall to allow voters to abolish the office.

Republicans on the County Board, however, sent a persuasive message to Franks  that they would not approve Gonsiorek to replace Palmer, that they supported appointing Palmer Chief Deputy Shannon Teresi.

In the end, Franks faced the reality that he would have a very public ratification failure if he appointed Gonsiorek Auditor and capitulated to the wishes of the Board Republicans.


Mike Walkup Announces Resignation from County Board, Jack Franks Will Appoint Replacement — 7 Comments

  1. This has been a very interesting last five plus years, to say the least.

    I wanted to thank this blog for being the only local medium shining a light into the dark corners of local government and providing the only semblance of real news coverage on local issues, candidates and office holders.

    I wish everyone here the best of luck in the future.

  2. I agree with this republikkklan quitter. This shining sunshine blog is the shining city on the hill of journalism. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. What are you doing to affect local government, or any government, Angel?

    Whether you like or hate Cal, it’s inarguable that he has made an impact both as a state legislator and a blogger.

    You don’t have the clout in the history of your entire life as Cal does in a week’s worth of blogging, and I’m being generous. You’re probably just a bitter, childless cat lady. It’s probable that you already ran for office and lost…

    But, hey, thanks for supporting Jack instead of the “republikkkan” Mike. I know how much Democrats love to privatize nursing homes and make double digit percentage cuts from elementary schools!

  4. An Impact. Let’s look at this impact.

    Blog promotes Gasser and he has been nothing short of total disaster.

    He spends most of his time out of his mind or out of the state.

    Serwatka another promoted blog candidate, his greatest accomplishment is denying he is leaving only to resign and leave the state.

    Blog Promotes Dimitri and with all the blogs help finishes a distant second and leaves the county shortly thereafter.

    Walkup another handpicked blog candidate has resigned and left the state.

    Walkup even twisted the knife on the way out.

    If he resigns when he first sold his house at least Republican Party could have put someone on the ballet this coming election.

    This Blog has had an impact alright.

    Like spoiled potato salad at a company picnic.

  5. I disagree. This sunshine blog, unanimously acclaimed by God-fearing, gun clinging compassionate conservatives as the greatest news outlet ever in the history of humankind, gives us timely information on useless political yard signs (from both current and past campaigns). It also provides updates on my sunshine blogger’s cat whereabouts, as well as insight on every opportunity my sunshine blogger gets for a free meal around the pathetic circle of republikkklan power in beautiful McHenry county. Finally, it provides a mirage on the notion of my sunshine blogger being somewhat relevant in McHenry County politics. I’ll tell you something though, nothing fake about his belly; it is huuuuuuuuge. Stay tuned…17 days…tic, tock tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Walkup would have been an excellent County Board Prexy.

    We have a charlatan in that office now, and we’ll get another in Walkup’s place on the board.

    People: WAKE UP!

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