Democratic Party District 2 McHenry County Board Candidate Suzanne Ness Running Excellent Ground Game

Suzanne Ness

Wednesday, just before ten in the morning, I had my car radio tuned to WBEZ-FM and heard someone identify herself as “Suzanne” call in.

Turns out it was McHenry County Board candidate Suzanne Ness, who is running as a Democrat against two non-incumbent Republicans.

The two GOP candidates are

  • former County Board member Carolyn Schofield, who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination for State Rep. two years ago, and
  • Josh Howell, a member of Cary Grade School Board, part of the group that pulled District 26 out of the financial mire that a teachers union-dominated board had plunged it into

Ness is running an intensive door-to-door campaign personally and with the help of volunteers.

I have seen no effort to canvass neighborhoods by either of the Republican candidates.

But, Ness wasn’t calling Public Radio to brag about her neighbor walking efforts.

She phoned to reveal that the Northwest Herald’s endorsement of no Democrat had motivated local Party members to offer their help, not only knocking on doors, but making financial contributions.

This Mary Alger sign says, “Not endorsed by the NW Herald.” She put it up after the Northwest Herald did not endorse her in the 2012 GOP Primary Election.

She is not the only candidate to try to turn a non-endorsement from the NWH into an advantage.

District 2 County Board candidate Mary Alger took that route in 2012.

Playing off antipathy to the paper did not propel Alger to victory.

I would not be surprised if Ness won the County Board seat she is fervently seeking.


Democratic Party District 2 McHenry County Board Candidate Suzanne Ness Running Excellent Ground Game — 4 Comments

  1. I thought the Constitution was designed to keep these f’wits at each others throats and leaving the rest of us alone.

    It’s not working.

  2. What’s the real difference between two RINOs & a Communist?

    Ness is a mess. Loch Ness has it’s own ‘Nessie’ … we don’t need a sea monster in Crystal Lake.

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