Gasser Strikes Out with Algonquin Township Board at Special Friday Afternoon Meeting, Lawrence Turns Salt Purchase without Bidding “over to Law Enforcement”

It was a bad day for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser at Friday afternoon’s Special Meeting called at his behest.

He didn’t get approval to transfer $40,000 into his legal expense line item to pay what he and the Edgar County Watchdogs had agreed upon to settle the Freedom of Information case in which Clerk Karen Lukasik did not reply to eight requests.

Immediately after convening at 3:30, the Board went into Executive Session to discuss the case.

Algonquin Township Board right before going into Executive Session

Rachael Lawrence pointed out that she thought the settlement had been misrepresented as a proposed court order when it was just a proposed court order.

The language imposed a five-day period in which agreement would be reached or an additional $5,000 per month would be paid.

“I strongly urge the Board to vote, ‘No,'” she said.

Trustee Melissa Victor stated, “I will not be kept hostage by Gasser and the Edgar County Watchdogs..

“It’s not his money to hand out to anyone he chooses.”

Dave Chapman asked all involved to “start being human to each other…to end these lawsuits.”

The fourth Trustee, Dan Shea, said he would “not in any way encourage or fund any agreement,” point out, “we were not a party to the agreement.”

Approval was rejected 5-0.

Travel expenses that were advance by Gasser and two of his employees was also rejected.

One was a trip to the Carolinas for instruction on how to work a computerized truck diagnostic machine bought by Gasser’s predecessor.

Each of the expenses was explained at the regular Township meeting last week.

Approval failed by a two to two vote, with one abstention  Shea and Lutzow voted in favor with Lawrence and Victor voting in the negative and Chapman abstaining.

Tie votes lose.

The third rejection was to pre-pay $6,000 for training in how to use chainsaws.

Shea thought it should be in next year’s budget.

Lawrence objected to transferring the money from road maintenance, noting that the Highway Commissioner had not replied to an email of October 10th or to two phone calls.

Chapman conveyed the information that the cost would higher if paid in the next budget year.

Chapman was the only one to vote in favor of transferring the money.

Moving $40,000 to pay the Edgar County Watchdogs also failed on a 5-0 vote.

Victor insisted on waiting for a court order, noting also that Gasser “doesn’t have the money to pay for it.”

“I don’t Mr. Gasser should have entered to this without talking to [attorney] Jim [Kelly], the Clerk and the Supervisor.

With no one wanting to make Public Comment, Lawrence read the following:

I would like to make one last statement:

As we’re all probably aware by now, Andrew Gasser has made a press release regarding a purchase of salt that may not have been in compliance with law.

[See :Algonquin Township Salt Bid Muffed.”]

On October 10th, I was tipped off by anonymous whistleblowers to an unusual and abnormal six-figure transaction within the Road District.

That same day, I sent Commissioner Gasser an email requesting the documents detailing that transaction, to ensure compliance with bidding laws.

Rachael Lawrence

Because the Highway Commissioner failed and/or refused to supply that information, or answer phone calls over several days, and with documents obtained by Clerk Lukasik and other sources, I turned over said documents to law enforcement and requested a proper investigation by the authorities to ensure full compliance with the law, as is my duty as an Algonquin Township Trustee.

I have faith that law enforcement will detect what, if any malfeasance took place, and take appropriate action, again-if any.


WE, the board of Trustees, ARE the watchdogs of Algonquin Township, and I do not regret taking the appropriate and responsible actions that I was elected to do.

I will continue to do my duty as a Trustee of Algonquin Township, without regard for politics, current or previous friendship, or bias.

Gasser did not attend the meeting.


Gasser Strikes Out with Algonquin Township Board at Special Friday Afternoon Meeting, Lawrence Turns Salt Purchase without Bidding “over to Law Enforcement” — 15 Comments

  1. Wow can you believe these groupthink nazi republikkans who just blindly support one another by reporting each others’ shady actions to the police?!

    Like, c’mon, man!

    When are you going to SAY something about your own party rofl!?!?

    Don’t you, like, have a moral compass, or something?

    Hey, say what you will about their old-timey beliefs, but at least they’re unified.

    I always say, “Cohesion and loyalty is what makes the Republican Party in Illinois so strong and successful!”


  2. Barring a real emergency, it’s generally not a particularly good idea to ask for a special meeting and then pull a no-show.

  3. gasser is all about being a no show to any meeting; phone call, or email where he can be questioned regarding decisions, comments, or videos.

    In short he is a coward, who knows that he is in way over his head, and he is just afraid to communicate for fear of exposure.

    He is making very serious errors in governance and associated laws.

    He can’t be transparent because he does not even know when he is making critical mistakes.

    However, I do believe that he is well aware that the “settlement” with the “watchdogs” is just plain quid pro quo payments for their silliness of coverage.

    Clearly, even gasser knows what the real deal is on this payment.

    If kirk is truly a watchdog, he would never been involved with this shady deal.

  4. Gasser did not ask for a special meeting.

    THey could have taken care of this matter at the last regular meeting and they failed to get it done so the BOARD had to call another meeting.

  5. Serious question: why does Gasser refuse to come to these meetings?

  6. kirk, looks like you may need to find a new method to get “the money”.

    The Board put a damper on the payment from your boy.

  7. Actually, “Kirk,” the board could not approve your $40,000 agreement at the last meeting, because the Road District did not have the funds it promised you in its budget.

    Hence a special meeting to transfer funds *at Andrew Gasser’s request.*

  8. Remember when Franks started working on his project to take over the County Board (via intimidation and bullying) and brought in the IMRF guru to discredit some Board members?

    Gasser threw his fellow Board members under the bus (rhetorically speaking).

    Did we just see some karma via his protege Lawrence?

    Will Andrew be pulling a Serwatka soon?

  9. The poor use of tax dollars by Andrew Gasser the last 18 months should be proof enough he is unqualified and irresponsible to hold that position.

    His resignation should have been tendered 17 months ago.

  10. No Nob – Lukasik, Lutzow, Kelly needed to resign 17 months ago.

    Talk about unqualified and irresponsible!!

  11. Whoever calls me Andrew Gasser’s protege obviously does not know me at all.

  12. Dave Chapman asked all involved to “start being human to each other…to end these lawsuits.”

    thanks Dave for your leadership. (sarcasm).

    Does Melissa Victor ever have any intelligent input?

    Dan Shea, just go back to sleep , you seem to be more effective when you look like you’re sleeping.

    The whole lawsuit is not about “watching our government” it’s now about legal extortion on the part of the “watchdog”.

    this is a money grab and the big pink idiot is all to eager to oblige.

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