Message of the Day – Parking Space Hog

Across from Duke’s next to the railroad tracks in Crystal Lake last Saturday night was this Mercedes.

Mercedes with Illinois license plate A46 3609 taking up two parking spaces on a Saturday night in Downtown Crystal Lake.

Note that is is hogging two parking spaces in and area with two bars and two restaurants with bars.


Message of the Day – Parking Space Hog — 6 Comments

  1. Once, when one of my sons was in high school and had a job delivering pizza, he came back to the shop and found a Corvette parked sideways across 2+ parallel parking spaces.

    My sons parked to block the guy in and went inside to get his next load of pizzas.

    When he came out the guy was fuming and asked my son angrily why he’d double-parked and blocked him in.

    My son deadpanned back, “I don’t know. Sometimes I just park like an asshole.”

    I really wanted to be mad at him, especially since you just never know when somebody’s going to become violent.

    But I couldn’t keep myself from laughing.

  2. I’m guessing he’s tired of all the obese jack scum, slamming the side of his car with doors, as these pork chops squeeze into their ‘Buy here, Pay here’ Kia Rio’s.

  3. Let me get this straight, Bob Miller and his clan can plunder the Township FOR THEMSELVES for many years, but Lawrence wants LE to come down on Gasser for a mistake that could not have netted him any advantage.

    hey, we live in upside down Illinois!

    Solution: Just get rid of Townships!

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