Schools Seeking Sales Tax in Springfield Area

McHenry County residents can be thankful that local educators have not sought to put a one percent sales tax on the ballot.

That would give some of us not only one of the highest property taxes in the country, but also one of the highest sales taxes.

Neighboring Boone Country passed such a tax, as have other Downstate counties.

The problem is that once imposed, it will never go away.

The reason?

Bonds will be sold that will be backed by the sales tax stream of income.

No getting rid of the sales tax as long as any such bonds are outstanding.

The story below about a school sales tax referendum shows what could happen here:

Sangamon County Schools Ask Voters To Approve Tax Increase

Springfield public schools have an ambitious 30-year master plan to renovate or rebuild facilities on all campuses, plus create new baseball, softball and soccer fields. Of course, those improvements cost money. So Springfield and surrounding districts are asking Sangamon County voters to approve a 1 percent sales tax increase in November. All proceeds would go toward facilities.

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