Charlie Kirk Featured on Front Page of Chicago Tribune

Charlie Kirk, who founded Turning Point, USA, has a big article starting on the front page of Monday’s Chicago Tribune.

He was scheduled to speak at DePaul recently, but the university cancelled the appearance.

You can read today’s story here.

The Chicago Tribune profiles Charlie Kirk on its front page.

Kirk was the featured speaker at Patriot United’s breakfast in 2015.


Charlie Kirk Featured on Front Page of Chicago Tribune — 11 Comments

  1. Cal wrote: He was scheduled to speak at Loyola recently, but the non-Catholic university cancelled the appearance.

    Question: Are you drunk? It was DePaul University and non-Catholic?

  2. Guess you don’t know one of the first things the Loyola folks did when they took over Woodstock’s Resurrection Center.

    They took down the crucifix in the chapel, put in the attic and turned the chapel into a dining-meeting room’

    How Catholic does that sound to you?

  3. This guy is impressive.

    Never held a real job, his big accomplishment was a student cookie strike and he’s eased into a lifetime gig as a GOP, uh, activist?

    Community Organizer?

    Talking head?

    And the front page of the Trib!

    He’s either the luckiest SOB in the country or he has friends in very high places. Way to go, Charlie.

  4. Which means what in a story that doesn’t even mention Loyola University but DOES mention that DePaul (the largest Catholic university in the country)cancelled his appearance there?

    As to Loyola, I doubt that making one of their facilities a non-denominational facility, hardly removes them from their standing as a Catholic university.

  5. Cal is the Pope now.

    He gets to decide who and what is Catholic or not.

  6. Charlie Kirk never had a real job???

    Are you kidding? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    He’s been working for Turning Point since he was in High School and still is!

    Too bad more kids don’t grasp what he does about free markets, and what Freedom means!

    Loyola is a business, it’s not very Catholic anymore at all! Cal got it right.

  7. The funny thing is that Pope Cal still hasn’t changed his post, as he still seems to think Loyola canceled the appearance and not DePaul.

    So he keeps up the inaccurate attack on Loyola despite it having nothing to do with Kirk.

  8. Thank goodness you woke up Cal. For sure I thought you were drunk and on a bender when you responded to my original critique and the followup as you did.

    I don’t have a problem with DePaul picking and choosing their outside speakers. They are a private institution and they can take the heat for their decisions. I just couldn’t figure out why you homed in on and continued to beat on Loyola.

    And now Trump is inviting Turning Point to 1600 Pennsylvania Av on Friday for a Young Black Leadership Summit, being put on by conservative student group, Turning Point USA.

    Hell, and I thought everyone said he was a racist! LOL!

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