Here’s a Letter Someone from McHenry Area Could Send the NWH

It appeared in a comment under this article (McHenry High School Tax Hike Committee Wants Yes Vote To Keep Taxes from Maximum Decrease, Vote NO and cut your taxes by $325 a year!).

To the Editor:

Let’s make this simple

Suppose you only had $4,750 left to pay on your mortgage. In one year you would be debt-free!

Now suppose someone came to you and said, “Sign this paper and I’ll cut your mortgage payments by $1,000 a year!”

You read the papers, and you say to the guy, “Wait a second! If I don’t sign these I’m debt-free in a year! If I do sign them, I have to pay $3,750 a year for each of the next 12 years!”

That’s D156’s supposed “savings”, only millions of dollars, not thousands of dollar.

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The deadline for sending election letters is today.


Here’s a Letter Someone from McHenry Area Could Send the NWH — 3 Comments

  1. Even better would be for the McHenry Township Republican organization to take the lead on this.

    All they need to do is to identify the strongest Republican voters in D156 and send a postcard to each.

    That task won’t take much time or effort, given the ready availability of voter lists, and it’s cheap:

    $500 bucks and you can send 1,000 postcards.

    $1,000 and you can send 2,000 postcards.

    And it won’t interfere at all with the work volunteers are doing for candidates running for office.

  2. Given all of the massive spending increases and new debt issued by school districts in this County, I sometimes if we’re doing it wrong in Cary.

    In just this past year alone we wiped $6.9 million in debt off of our books, which included a $4.0 million Bond defeasement deposit into an escrow account.

    And next year we’ll pay off another $3.0 million in base principal, plus an additional $1.6 million will be retired when the district calls in a bond that will reach its early redemption date which will be paid from a bond sinking fund we established 3 years ago. The total amount coming off the books for next fiscal year will be another $4.6 million.

    Had we not undertaken the bond sinking fund strategy and the escrowed defeasement strategy, the D-26 taxpayers would have been on the hook for an additional $5.6 million over the next 6 years.

    Are we doing something wrong when everyone else is increasing their tax/debt burden?

  3. Clearly, Scott, you don’t understand that your job as a school board member is to make the school district as big as possible and spend as much money as possible while keeping citizens in the dark as much as possible and never questioning the administration.

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