McHenry Residents Urges End to One-Man Rule in Road District

The supporters of the referendum to put the McHenry Township Road District under the Township Board keep sending letters to the editor of the Northwest Herald and then sharing them with McHenry County Blog.

As I have told Road Commissioner Jim Condon, I would be happy to print the other side, but the opponents have to provide the copy.

Here is a letter from Laura Lewis of McHenry, published her with her permission.

Time to Consolidate

Before you start packing to leave our state, observe that things are starting to change.

“Vote Yes Consolidation” image.

In the current voting, McHenry Township voters will have the historic opportunity to start reducing the size of government with an important vote which will eliminate a unit of government and which will take away the possibility of abuse that we are seeing in our township road districts.

Two and a half years from now the newly elected supervisor and four newly elected township trustees will establish the policies and engage the Director of Road Service Operations to carry out the Board’s policies for the operation of the road district.

A “YES” vote will let that happen.

The road district will be run by five elected officials, not a single individual with very limited oversight.

Let’s have a democratically elected board provide for the operation of our road district.

The waste, nepotism and abuses that we have seen in our road districts would not occur if they had to be perpetrated by a five member board rather than a single individual.

The one-man-rule Highway Commissioner has too much unchecked power.

That position will be eliminated with the passage of the road district consolidation referendum.

Only in McHenry Township is this consolidation referendum on the ballot this election cycle.

Vote Yes to let it happen.


McHenry Residents Urges End to One-Man Rule in Road District — 3 Comments

  1. Vote no aganst Snowplow Bob and his band on know nothings.

    What happened to the cost savings arguement?

    BTW, the road commissioner is democratically elected.

    BS is BS

  2. Beware of the unintended consequences just like when the voters to amend the Constitution relative to public sector pensions.

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