District Two McHenry County Board Cards

Business cards are part of the McHenry County Board campaign for the two Republicans on the ballot.

Relatively cheap, they are a means by which Carolyn Schofield and Josh Howell have decided to make contact with voters.

While the size of the images below have been maximized, their real size is the same as a regular business card.

Here are the images of former County Board member Carolyn Schofield’s card:

Carolyn Schoolchild puts her photo on one side of her little card.

The other side of Carolyn Schofield’s business card-sized campaign piece has just her name.

Schofield’s running mate, Cary Grade School Board member Josh Howell put issues on his card:

Biographic information is on this side of Josh Howell’s business card.

Josh Howell talks issues on the other side of his campaign card.


District Two McHenry County Board Cards — 6 Comments

  1. I’m impressed with the depth of the content on Howell’s card.

  2. I’m impressed with Howell, but I’ll be guided by Coffey’s comments because Coffey served with him at D26 and Coffey’s a really intelligent and well-informed person with an impeccable reputation for integrity.

  3. Josh played a central role in D-26’s recovery process from 2014 to 2017 after we went through significant restructuring efforts in 2010-2013. Given his strong business acumen, it was an easy decision to appoint him to the Board’s Finance Committee. In 2015 he became Chairman of the Finance Committee and helped drive the final phases of the District’s recovery process.

    The main challenge during this timeframe was to successfully develop and then execute on a multi-year strategy to return all of the programs that had been cut, address the huge list of capital needs that had been deferred for more than a decade, and begin the process to update the District’s curricula and technology. And achieve all of the above while maintaining a cost structure that was affordable and sustainable.

    Josh was a perfect selection to represent the Board on the negotiating team crafting the 2014 teacher’s contract. As the Board’s other team member, I saw firsthand, Josh’s negotiating skills in working through the very difficult process of successfully developing a new labor agreement. Given the significant size of labor costs in operating a school district, finalizing a new contract that was affordable and sustainable within the bounds of CPI was pivotal in setting up the District to execute on all the other strategic initiatives involving staff, programs, technology, textbooks, facilities, etc.
    Josh’s leadership was critical in staying focused on methodically implementing the Board’s strategy over a four year time horizon. Given all the difficult tasks faced by the district, it would have been easy to stumble along the way and not only fail to accomplish our goals but, also end up with an operating cost structure that was neither affordable nor sustainable. By the end of Josh’s service, the District had successfully met all of its goals to return programs (PE, Art, Music, Band, foreign language, gifted, etc.), added new programs (eg. Dual Language and all-day Kindergarten), roll out new curricula, modernize technology, and address facility needs. And, while accomplishing all of that, the District still managed to deliver direct property tax savings to the community of $4.7 million through a series of tactics that reduced debt interest, retired bond principal, abated debt service and established two bond sinking funds.

    The community would be hard-pressed to find a man with a better combination of skills, experience, track record and character than Josh Howell to represent them at the County.

  4. Thanks for the insights, gentlemen.

    It’s too bad we live in Illinois.

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