Lake County Judge Orders Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser to Appear in Court re Arbitration with Local 150

Andrew Gasser

For failure to obey a September 20, 2018, Court Order, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner has been order to appear in the Lake County Judge’s Courtroom on December 11th at 2:30.

The reason is Gasser’s refusal to take part in arbitration resulting from complaints made by Local 150 of the Operating Engineers under the contract that former Road Commissioner Bob Miller signed on April 17, 2017, after he lost the Primary Election to Gasser, but before he left office.

The grievances involve the following:

  1. FMCS Case No. 1755758 (Derek Lee Termination);
  2. FMCS Case No. 1755759 (Andrew Rosecrans Termination);
  3. FMCS Case No. 1755760 (Nick Chirikos Termination);
  4. FMCS Case No. 170620-02005 (Health Insurance Contributions);
  5. FMCS Case No. 170620-02003 (Wage Rates);
  6. FMCS Case No. 181106-01260 (Ryan Greene Termination); and,
  7. FMCS Case No. 180306-02200 (Overtime and On-Call).

The Judge’s summons for Andrew Gasser to show up in his courtroom.


Lake County Judge Orders Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser to Appear in Court re Arbitration with Local 150 — 11 Comments

  1. Walking in that morning and firing the three without some kind of proof the unionization was illegal was Gassers stupidest play of the whole game.

    You can’t run a organization if you lack any type of skills, even military experience seems to have been unless to this guy.

    But wait, the talk is he wants to appeal to the next level.

    Ya baby lets feed the lawyer more tax $$$$ that were taxed for roads, not team Gasser games.

  2. When a weenie thinks he is above any and all rules.


    We need no stinking bids; Court appearance?

    Not me says the antiAmerican fool.


    Not for the piggy playing quid pro quo with kirk the thief.

    Public signage?

    It’s mine says the Pinky Boy Piggy.

    Proper governance?

    Nope not for the Fruit Cake.

    Providing due process in the workplace?

    That’s for true Americans-not me says gasser.


    None of this stuff is for gasser.

    He is too big of a coward to face anyone who questions his behavior, decisions, or sanity.

    He is fake.

  3. Ya baby, the nob.

    Who is really wasting (still) our tax dollars?

    Lame ducks should have no access to changing anything, especially to orchestrate/implement obstructional stratagem.

    Miller had how many years to allow & approve employee unionization? But waited until how many days before leaving office?

    Who really managed those three the most objectionably?

    lame duck:
    loser, unsuccessful, defeated (per random descriptions)
    “a plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end” (per Bing search)
    “stratagem noun
    strat·a·gem | \ˈstra-tə-jəm,

    Definition of stratagem
    1a: an artifice or trick in war for deceiving and outwitting the enemy
    1b: a cleverly contrived trick or scheme for gaining an end
    2: skill in ruses or trickery” per Merriam Webster

  4. Nob and tom are like two bums fighting over a stolen Township wallet.

  5. So are you Gasser backers going to contribute to a fund to bale your dude out of jail when he doesn’t show again?

  6. @Nob,

    I don’t think Gasser ever claimed that the unionization was illegal per se; I think his beef is with the way in which the CBA was quickly negotiated in secret and then never approved by the Township Board.

    Big difference.

  7. Billy Bob, that sounded like the Dog’s waltzing of words nonsense.

  8. Dj. My outrage is not about townships v. no townships in our County.

    My beef is with an elected official who does not understand his obligation to learn to govern and manage the areas that he was elected to do.

    I have no dog in the fight except for my demand for knowing one’s job and being responsive.

    gasser, who reminds of cal, with his nonsensical approach to solving problems is in need of removal asap.

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