McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Supporters Send Postcard

The folks supporting the consolidation of the McHenry Township Road District with the Township Board have sent out a direct mail piece, which you can see below:

Love the color combination of this postcard from those supporting folding the McHenry Township Road District into the rest of that township’s government.

This is the back of the postcard from the supporters of consolidation.  It contains a graphic showing a McHenry Township Road District truck dumping money into a big hole.


McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Supporters Send Postcard — 14 Comments

  1. Abolish all Township road districts.

    Stop the nepotism, graft and get rid of a useless layer of government.

  2. If this crazy referenda passes, forget about snowplowing.

    All the roads will be closed down.

    Roadway Commissioner Jim Condon has given extencive public information about this.

    Bob Anderson should never have been allowed to put it to a vote.

    It’s just a crazy grudge for him and just the first step in his mad atempt to destroy townships.

    It sounds good till you have to live with the results.

  3. It will not cut the costs, the roads still need $$$$$ or they will go to hell.

    Lose one taxing body, but the cost are still there, only major service cuts will save anything worth noticing.

    Patronage will never be stopped or made illegal, ask Gasser, he knows.

    Some increased oversight, that depends on the people hired and elected, it’s not a given anything will really change.

    I’m in favor of it, just saying.

  4. These township stooges need to get real jobs in the public sector … if they can.

    I’m sick of the waste.

  5. I have told Jim Condon that I would be willing to publish arguments against the referendum, but he has not sent any.

  6. Really, pro townshippers need to make some realistic arguments if they want to be believed.

    So far they’ve gone from “no facts, no study” when they could have done a study of their own with the money Hill, Condon, Adams and Beltran spent on useless lawsuits to stop the referendum, to say nothing of what it cost the taxpayers to fight them in court.

    Next the ploy was “save your roads” Like they’re going to disappear?

    Now townshipper #1 says “all the roads will be closed down.”

    Be real dude!

    That’s the best you all can do?

    Not enough.

  7. The bottom line is that even if the referendum passes, the Road District is NOT eliminated.

    All the referendum will do, if approved, is eliminate the position of Highway Commissioner and transfer the admin of the Road District to the Township Board.

    The same Township Board that has successfully BLOATED the social service aspect of the Township.

    Unless you elect conservatives to sit on the Township Board, the BLOATING will continue.

    Work to get conservatives on the Board.

    Conservatives who will eliminate the Board’s BLOATED services and ensure that Condon is not re-hired to continue his present job.

    Many believe that all a Township does (other than the Road District) is administer GA (now practically useless because the government social service industry has mushroomed in this state)and provide offices for the Township Assessor.

    No where in the Township law does it require a Township to have park facilities, senior center, food pantry, bus service etc. etc.

    If you do not believe the social service industry in this state has mushroomed, go to this website:

  8. Every village and even the county hire qualified people to manage the roads.

    Why do the townships think they have a better idea.


    Condon may be qualified as an engineer, but what about the next guy?

    Not every township elects a professional engineer, ie the big pink idiot in AT.

    Consolidate the road districts and hire qualified people to manage the department.

    Why is this so difficult, other than the political inbreeding township government has been used to.

    Hiring brings more assurance than electing the road commissioner.

  9. Out of Towner, you’ve been out of town too long!

    Theres’s no BLOAT you can blame this conservative board for unless you count the legal fees brought on by the “no” township supervisor, Craig Adams and the rest.

    This board was elected to make positive changes for the taxpayer.

  10. You already have a conservative township board Out of Towner.

    The reason for the bloat is the legacy of the Adams Family Dynasty that was there before.

    The current board wants to downsize.

  11. Didn’t Condon have his own home in foreclosure and file for bankruptcy on his business and personally?

    Does he consider these events a ‘plus’?

    I’m voting to abolish.

  12. Re: “Theres’s no BLOAT you can blame this conservative board for” and “You already have a conservative township board” and ” The current board wants to downsize.”

    Then why has this Board not eliminated any of the non-constitutionally required functions currently funded by the McHenry Township taxpayers?

    If they cannot alleviate some of the current Township bloat why should we believe they will reduce any of the Road District costs?

    This is the second term for the current Board, what costs have they eliminated? To their credit, the tax levy was reduced by $270,001 which is almost the entire budget for some townships.

    However, the levy was still close to one and one half million dollars.

    In addition, how can you guarantee the next Board will be conservative? Will Donna run again and win?

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