McHenry Township Consolidation Opponents Showing Over $7,800 Available for Campaign

Contributions to Political Action Committee–Citizens for Facts First–opposing the consolidation of the McHenry Township Road District into the Township total $7,841.51.

Signs for the opponents of consolidating the McHenry Township Road District with McHenry Township.

You can see the big contributors below:

  • $1,200 – Loan from Mariclare Adams
  • $500 – Lake Cook Plumbing Service, Inc., Lake Zurich
  • $300 – Robert Wegener, McHenry
  • $250 – Citizens for Joe Gottemoller, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – William Rinn, Crystal Lake
  • $200 – ADL & Associates, LLC, McHenry
  • $200 – Buss Ford & Lincoln, McHenry
  • $200 – Stephen Cheslica, Burlington, WI
  • $200 – Roger Gerstad, Wonder Lake
  • $200 – HR Green, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • $200 – Christian Newkirk, McHenry
  • $200 – R.A. Adams Enterprises, Inc,
  • $200 – Schmitt and Schmitt Investments, McHenry
  • $200 – Charles Violett, McHenry

There is another $1,320 from people or companies whose names do not have to be revealed under state law because the donations were in amounts less than $150.

In addition, $1,400 in “other receipts” in amounts less that $150, so , by law, identification is not required.

Expenditures in June, July and September were made to

  • Awesome Campaigns (Elgin) – $4,334.00
  • Tina Hill, Woodstock – $1,000


McHenry Township Consolidation Opponents Showing Over $7,800 Available for Campaign — 7 Comments

  1. That’s funny bc Joe Condon bragged they had over $40,000 and that was in August.

  2. I’m surprised even more township vendors weren’t strong-armed to ‘contribute.’

    Isn’t that kind of an extortion?

    I guess those contributions will show up in the next filing, that is if the township stooges are even reporting properly.

    Why don’t they just hand out cards saying “SAVE JOE CONDON’S JOB!”

  3. Most of the contributors seem to be coprophilliacs.

    I will never buy a Buss Ford again.

  4. I’d vote yes if I lived in McH.

    Big Gov’t’s gotta go!

    Lazy bureaucrats like Township officials too.

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