McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Proponents Put Out Fact Sheet

The folks campaigning in favor of putting the McHenry Township Road District under the township’s Board of Trustees have prepared the following “Fact Sheet:”

A “Fact Sheer” put out by those who want to have the McHenry Township Board take control of its Road District starting in 2021.


McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Proponents Put Out Fact Sheet — 15 Comments

  1. I will vote NO because I believe it is the Township Board that should go and unincorporated roads should be the responsibility of the county.

    Township Board do nothing but eat tax revenues.

    Someone will always be required to take care of the roads and I don’t believe the Township Board is a better steward than we the people as voters.

    If the proposition passes, we can look forward to the Township Board hiring a “professional” to be the new road commissioner, but without authority.


  2. Wow, giving voters the chance to get rid of a useless layer of government plagued with nepotism, patronage, waste, inefficiency and as we discovered in Algonquin Township free trips to Disneyland and expensive women’s purses from Amazon for Township parasites!

    Thank you State Representative David McSweeney for voting to allow the people to vote on this.

    Shame on you State Representative Steven Reick for being a flunky of the powerful lobby Township Officials of Illinois and voting against it.

  3. I vote “YES!”

    Those empty township buses and the extravagance of township officials’ pay boil my blood!

  4. My road aren’t maintained very well as it is.

    I will be voting yes, because we must consolidate.

  5. I’m a yes.

    Those Road dist. people are real loafers.

    Been that way for years.

    They used to hang out in the secluded driveway (way in the back) of the Modine plant off Ringwood RD.

  6. I will be voting Yes bc there won’t be any pension for the Road Dist. Chief.

    That’ll save $$$$$$ going forward.

  7. Outsourcing the work with cost much more than having employees.

    Business owners are required to pay prevailing wage to employees working on government projects.

    That far exceeds the pay of the employees.

    Laborers are paid $42. an hour with an additional $28 in fringe benefits.

    Seventy bucks an hour for straight time.

    And your owner is going to want the profit from the job, so include that, oh and you can’t hire individuals and call them subcontractors to save on all that.

    it’s against the law.

    This will likely pass and the uneducated voters will once again vote for an increase in their taxes.

    Only in ILannoyed

  8. The Mrs you seems to have a lot of facts.

    It seems interesting that Condon’s workers aren’t seeking to unionize as they did in Algonquin.

    Could he be paying more than union wages now?

  9. The Mrs. you are correct but Bob and company have 2 years to figure that out.

    Watch the Northwest herald interviews Bobs is a joke bumbling and shuffling papers back and forth.

    Maybe him and his buddies should go litter all over the township some more.

    VOTE NO!

  10. If the referendum carries, Jimmy ‘Crack Corn’ Condom will unionize, just like Booby Miller did when the voters finally woke up and removed the rotten crook.

  11. Gasserbacker your boy is in trouble can’t wait to see what happens hopefully he resigns.

  12. I vote yes.

    Condon needs help, for sure, but not at the taxpayers’ expense. AA is free.

  13. I won’t engage in personal attacks, however justified.

    But I’m leaning to vote yes bc any reduction in government size can’t be too bad.

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