Illinois Integrity (sic) Fund Identity Postponed Until December

McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio was in court today again in a suit against Breaker Press.

Judge Kevin Costello has ruled that the use of the pharase “slush fund” could not be construed “innocently” as a way to describe the Recorder’s Automation Fund, which is financed by user fees, not tax dollars.

That is the printer of the smear pieces claiming he had taken a vacation using a “slush fund,” as well as hired “cronies” from that source.

Breaker Press was the only traceable identification of the hit pieces by allies of Jack Franks during last March’s Republican Primary Election.

Delivered to Tirio attorney Philip Prossnitz by Break Press attorney Natalie Harris at today’s hearing was a motion to reconsider Judge Kevin Costello’s finding that Tirio had a right to learn who had paid Breaker Press to make the mailings.

A hearing was set for November 29th.

Judge Costello said that he would order rapid discover if he did not decide to overrule his previous decision.


Illinois Integrity (sic) Fund Identity Postponed Until December — 13 Comments

  1. I still want to know why the States Attorney and / or the Attorney General has not investigated the obvious violation of campaign finance laws by the so-called “Illinois Integrity Fund”?

    No one who has lived in Illinois for a while ever thought this lawsuit would result in any findings prior to the midterm election results.

  2. When bloggers or presidents say things like “no one thinks that…,” they apparently claim to speak for everyone.

    They don’t.

    They are arrogant.

    As to the above comment, what are you trying to say?

    That the judge has delayed this for some improper reason?

    Nonsense. Judge Costello is as straight arrow honest as can be.

    That Tirio’s lawyer delayed it?


    That Breaker’s lawyer is delaying?

    Why would they not, as most respondents in lawsuits do?

  3. Tirio and Prosnitz are being played.

    Tick, tock. You lose.

    That’s the way things are in crooked McHenry County.

  4. Costello honest?

    Maybe he’s changed.

    Why does it take so long for a reconsideration motion?

    He’ll be ‘told’ what to do in the interim.

    Just watch. ER ‘discovery’ won’t help Tirio.

    It’ll be too late.

  5. If somebody did that to “The Jackal” Franks, you’d bet the funder’s ID would be known long ago.

    This is a real shame.

  6. Anonymous cowards, with your general allegations of corruption.

    What is your evidence?

    Tell us.

    I’ll investigate it.

    The irony lies in your baseless slander against a judge, on a blog thread about a lawyer and candidate trying to identify an anonymous coward who may have slandered the candidate.

    As for motions to reconsider, they are generally required to be filed within 30 days of the ruling of which the movant complains.

    This case is unusual, so the judge will allow lawyers more slack.

    How some commenters here turn that into corruption is a mystery.

  7. Breaker’s lawyer is delaying. This judge is no sap. He knows what they’re doing and will order a more aggressive discovery after Breaker Press & Janice Dalton’s lawyer runs out of nonsense to pull. The biggest shame is that everyone knows who’s behind this slander of Tirio.

  8. Martin, you’ll ‘investigate’ what?


    Are you Judge Costello?

    Are there two ‘Just-Us’ tracks in McHenry County: One for judges who bring loaded firearms into post offices or get their husdbands to declare bankruptcy, and one for Joe Blows?

    Just asking.

  9. Madigan/Franks/McClellan’s Printer and Janice Dalton’s lawyer is the one delaying.
    This is an attempt to have the statute of limitations run out. Neither Prosnitz nor Judge Costello are being played for fools. I guarantee this judge is giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

    Everyone knows who’s responsible for this awful defamation of Tirio. When justice is served it will be a great day in McHenry County.

  10. Nito!

    I know which Judge got off for bringing a gun into a no-gun zone (Post office)

    But Do tell, which judge convinced her husband to file for bankruptcy?

    Don’t Judges make big bucks? (while on the bench and thru the taxpayer pension after they retire?)

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