Opponents of Consolidating McHenry Township Road District into Township Make Mailing

Here is the message that the Citizens for Facts First sent by mail:

Above are both sides of the Facts First postcard.

A Citizens for Facts First supporter added,

“What people don’t realize that not a single penny will be saved as a result of Bob Anderson’s obsessive, compulsive desire to eliminate township government . (Is there something wrong with that guy? )

“Even if the Road District were to be totally eliminated, the savings would be only 2 cents of every tax dollar.

“However, that 2 cents will not be saved. It will simply be transferred to the Township, because the work still needs to be done.

“That is, instead of the Township share being 1 cent, it will be 3 cents.

“No money will be saved.

“Not one red cent.

“The Township Trustees already have control. They control the budget.

“Is there more control than that? “


Opponents of Consolidating McHenry Township Road District into Township Make Mailing — 10 Comments

  1. “Citizens for Facts “…should have spent their money on a study instead of just ripping Anderson and spending taxpayers money to defeat their failed lawsuits.

    Their purpose was to deny voters the opportunity to express their choice.

    We’re supposed to believe their “facts” have any more validity than the Consolidation group?

    Since when has a government entity given the truth?

    This is township politicians and syncophants trying to maintain their access to power and their concern is not to “save your roads.”

  2. Childish nonsense illegally funded by the taxpayers to screw the taxpayers

  3. Did the idiots who put this trash out want to hurt the other referenda on the ballot about schools and the children’s pool?

    They should be abolished.

  4. I was gonna vote No, and almost voted early.

    Now, I vote Yes.

    I don’t like to see government officials try and squash citizens, and that’s what this is.

    I didn’t know Bob Anderson was involved in the question. He’s a good old Marine.

  5. Yes Dent-Blah it’s oh so clever.

    But it hurts my kids’ referendum in McHenry.

    That’s why I’ll be voting YES to all three local referenda.

  6. How does this hurt your kids referendum?

    There wouldn’t be excessive legal fees if it wasn’t for Bob Anderson and company.

    They shit the bed handing out all of this trash

  7. Machone, get a hold of yourself.

    The “YES”proponents of consolidation did nothing to incur legal fees.

    The township attorney is representing the board of trustees against the futile lawsuits brought on by Supervisor Adams and his gang of “NO.”

    Moritello is simply doing his job.

    The expenses incurred will be paid by the taxpayers.

    It’s perfectly clear that the court cases were all unnecessary.

    Your scrambled statements make you sound delusional.

    Your language is very colorful about the baggies, unnecessary but colorful.

    You really should try to expand your vocabulary a little.

    Yes, the “Vote No” signs do hurt the other school and town referendums.

  8. Machone is Mrs. Joe Condon, still recovering from the memory of the home foreclosure and the business bankruptcy.

    Of course she’ll fight consolidation tooth and nail.

    Her ‘lifestyle’ is on the line (in 2021 if the referendum passes)

    Poor thing!

    She’s married to Joe!

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