Township Road District Consolidation Opponent Gets Personal with Bob Anderson

This showed up in front of Bob Anderson’s barber shop in Wonder Lake Tuesday night:

Litter placed i n front of Bob Anderson’s barber shop.

It looks as if a yard sign has been cut up and dumped along the side of the road.

Here’s a closer view:

Baggies with literature, a stone and a piece of candy were distributed by supporters of abolishing the Road District as an independent government. A couple were tossed along the road.

Someone used a marker to cross out the “Yes” and write “No” on top.

Finally, the personal insult was delivered on a mailing from the proponents of change:

F-bombing Bob Anderson.


Township Road District Consolidation Opponent Gets Personal with Bob Anderson — 28 Comments

  1. NWH title is more accurate than Cal’s title: “McHenry Township referendum leads to political litter”

    Team Anderson picked one of the worst forms of media to try and get it’s message, litter.

    Bob whines to the NWH about somebody picking up his litter and returning it to where it came from?

    The Green person who did this helped clean up Bob’s mess.


  2. Wish someone would check the DNA on these bags, bottles and litter and identify the scum that are responsible.

  3. While I am not in favor of Consolidation, I don’t think it’s right to throw trash on Mr. Anderson’s property.

    However, just as much as he doesn’t like the litter.

    I have heard many complaints of the way the Consolidation group left baggies with candy and rocks in citizens drive ways.

    Neither way promotes a positive campaign.

    I have heard may complaints from residents in my precinct.

    No one complains about door hangers or mailers.

    Baggies with candy can attract wild animals onto properties where pets may get harmed.

  4. Hard to defend the actions of township thugs but nob does it with the skill of an ex township thug.

    You guys born that way or does TOI brainwash you?

    There’s nothing “green” about township workers unless there’s a paycheck connected to it.

    What does it cost to have them go out at night and throw signs and beer bottles?

    Do they get overtime?

    It must be so irritating after 150 years of township wheeling and dealing and putting pressure on town businesses to cough up dough to support them, thatt there’s light being shone on township activities.

    Tina Hill, nob,Vick and the hypertense Machone should all relax and go have a beer with Condon.

  5. First there was Facebook, than Denny’s Value Menu, now this.

    Societal Collapse is imminent.

  6. There’s no excuse for the nastiness and cussing.

    These actions have nothing to do with being an environmentalist.

    Nob just isn’t funny, but it can’t be said better than Thewatcher has already said.

    I agree Thewatcher, well said.

  7. Yeh, Wallace. I’m sure you’ve been swamped with complaints about the baggies.

    I know the first person that comes to my mind when I have a complaint is my precinct committeeman!

    Does anyone in your precinct even know who you are?

    Be real.

    A quarter of an inch tootsie roll…wild animals???

  8. So let me get this straight.

    It’s ok for Bob to throw these all over the township in peoples yards, in the road clogging drains and threatening wildlife and children.

    But when people toss them back because they are sick of it he cries and whines.

    Give me a break, this backfired big time.

  9. All the illegally installed political signs, both sides, should be removed also.

    Politian’s and their pals treat the earth like a garbage dump with all their litter.

  10. Looks like people returning snowplow Bob’s garbage back to it’s source.

    He and his ragtag squad of followers really stepped in it.

    They should be ticketed for littering and starting this charade to begin with.

    The irony of this is delicious~

  11. Craig Wallace is a stooge of Hetterman.

    I should know.

    I’ve seen him in “action.”

    These pro-township people get crazy when you take away their piggy bank.

  12. Townships thugs probably did this on township (taxpayer’s) time, just like they put the signs up.

    Abolish the Road Dist. Chicago politics here.

  13. Typical township thugs at work.

    Does Anderson have insurance if they burn him out?

    That’s what thugs do.

  14. Machone must be Mrs. Joe Condon, a township parasite.

    Yeah, these idiots get violent and all worked up when you grab their hands trying to steal your wallet.

    Township monkeys work SO hard, but the funny thing is that they only work hard to save their jobs at election time with dirty tricks like this. Indian Ridge roads, which the township ‘maintains’ in their 50 miles of roadways, is a damn mess.

  15. Condon orders it. “Things” happen on the taxpayers’ time & dime.

    Condon is the Bobby Miller wannabee.

    His child got hired by the township, too.

    His wife cries a river about how underpaid her lazy husband is as Road Commissioner.

    Notice to Mrs. Condon: If the pay is too small for your family, have your husband try and get a job in the private sector which will pay him what he’s worth.

    Here the problem, tho: The private sector would never hire him. And he’d have to do real work for a change.

    And he really can’t file bankruptcy on the Township Road Dist.

    He’s an engineer? Really? Than how come he never had an engineering job until he latched onto the township teat?

    Young road worker and Jim Condon cartoon:

  16. Mr. Adam Vick, township employee of McHenry Rd Dist., is ordered by his ‘boss’ and gets paid by the taxpayers to write letters against consolidation for his wife to sign and send to the NorthWest Herald.

    Now, that’s a fine ‘chamber pot’ of diseased human waste, ain’t it?

    But will Vick ever take a drug test?

    Why doesn’t Jimmy ‘Crack Corn’ Condon require himself and his employees take drug tests like in other townships?

  17. Call me all the names you want.

    Tell me I don’t know anyone in my precinct.

    Simple fact, I am not hiding behind fake names or monikers.

    The Consolidation folks left litter all over the place.

    People were complaining about it on social media.

    Again, I don’t agree with what happened but using door hangers and mailers would have been the better route.

  18. Hey Nob… you and all your buddies cry when a landscape company throws a baggie in your driveway with a card and a rock in it? I’m sure you don’t make a stink over it. Get a life!!!

  19. I would love to see proof of township employees putting up signs on township time. Pictures? I will wait for them. It’s 90+ miles of road and 120 if you count the counties roads that the township maintains.

  20. Still waiting on proof of township employees putting up signs on township time…..
    or are you just like Bob stating half truths and hoping people believe you?

  21. Hey John1960, YES, I call the phone number or email them and tell them to stop throwing their garbage/litter on my property and gov property also.

    Fact is I whine about illegal signs and litter in the ROW on this blog all the time Friend.

    You seem to like the people that litter do you John?

  22. “Lady” Jane, Condon is a professional engineer who had his own business working as an engineer.

    Smarter than all the commenters above rolled into one.

    No I am not a relative or a “township flunkie”.

  23. I saw a ‘McHenry Township truck’ being used to haul the signs featuring children cutting hair.

    This was on a Friday, Sept. 28th, 2018 on Rt 120 Time 4:45 CSDST

    There were 3 males doing it.

    Was the township truck reported stolen?

  24. Galeva did you happen to take a picture or video of this happening.

    You felt the need to comment about it but didn’t feel the need to take a picture or a video.

    Why not follow them and take a picture of them installing signs with a township truck.

    Let me tell you why because it never happened just another load of crap from Anderson and company.

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