MaBarker Riffs on Relationship of Jack Franks to Sean Casten

Another poem from OldMaBaker:

Ok, here’s my latest poetic contribution about our Wonderful, Great Leader and his slimy pal, Wannabe-Carsten:


“Franks’ Little Casten-Cuckoo” or “Franks’ Long March to Succeed Rat-Durbin”

Tell it to the Fake News NWH (Killer of Trees),
Cuckoo Casten, don’t sing your LGBT swan-song here!
Warrant, Act and Summons, please,
For Jackanapes Franks to pass off right here!

Jack Franks puts his photo and name on the line in support of Sean Casten for Congress in the Democratic Party Primary Election.

Tell old taxpayers, if they doubt,
Tell them Casten is a very great ‘man,’
backed by none other than our Jackanapes lout,
Who’s doin’ his best to vex us as he can!

Fat Jackanapes, Why’dya let your Casten-Cuckoo out?,
To prey on real Americans and their IRAs?
To turn our girls’ washrooms into a pervert’s hangout?
To wreck our homes, and set the Nation ablaze?

For ‘oer 20 years you’ve stained our County,
With your lying fake-outs and sham tax tricks,
Dreaming up new laws to steal our life’s-work bounty,
Paying homage to King Madigan and all his sucking tax-ticks!

Mike Madigan “confers” with Jack Franks.

And Now you bring pet Casten to our once-productive land,
To Ruin a Nation with his degenerate band.

Franks; Quit dreamin’ about being a Congressman,
You’re so vain, prideful and cosmopolitan!

Go back to foreclosing homes with your Daddy’s approval!
And Take Casten with you after the voters’ November 6th removal.

When your heart is young and gay
And the season rules it —
Work your works and play your play
‘Fore the Autumn cools it!
Kiss you turn and turn-about,
But, my lad, beware — a!
Old Woman!
Old Woman!
Old Woman’s let the Cuckoo out
At Heffle Cuckoo Fair — a!


MaBarker Riffs on Relationship of Jack Franks to Sean Casten — 8 Comments

  1. What’s ‘Heffle Cuckoo Fair’? Is it something Angel is throwing at his unkept pad?

  2. My turn, Cal

    Franks’ Rats! (Casten, Underwood, Mahady, Zettler, Yensen, Reinert, Aavang, etc.)

    They fought the dogs and killed the cats,
    And bit the babies in the cradles,
    And ate the tax cheeses right out of the vats.
    And spread feces on the cook’s own ladles,
    Split open the kegs of salted sprats,
    Made nests inside Ma Barker’s hats,
    And even spoiled Mrs. Evertsen’s chats,
    By drowning their speaking
    With shrieking and squeaking
    In fifty different sharps and flats.

  3. If you’re writing more than 2 angry poems a week, get a hobby or a therapist.

  4. cal uses the term ‘riff” in the same phrase a “mabarker”. Nothing else to say here.

  5. “They fought the dogs and killed the cats,” Sunshine blogger, how do you allow such an anti-feline statement on this shining sunshine blog? Stay tuned…9 days…vote, vote, vote, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. I guess the sad-sack libtards of McHenry Co. don’t appreciate poetry!

    Nice one Ma.

  7. That’s right Cat Boy, 9 days until the Red Wave – good call !

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