President Donald Trump Stands with Randy Hultgren

Congressman Randy Hultgren was one of three Illinois Members of the United States of Representatives to appear with President Donald Trump in Murphysboro.

Randy Hultgren was supported by President Donald Trump at his Illinois appearance Saturday.

Here is Hultgren’s press release:

President Trump Rallies the Base in Illinois!

Illinois was graced with a visit from President Trump yesterday.

Randy joined the President along with his colleagues Congressman Mike Bost and Congressman Rodney Davis.

The rally was a thrill for all in attendance – you could feel the energy!

The President’s message is we MUST get out the vote this November, and we must urge our friends and neighbors to do so too! It is going to take all of us working together across our state and nation.


President Donald Trump Stands with Randy Hultgren — 7 Comments

  1. And the traitorous RINO Rauner was not asked to take to the podium and
    address the cheering throngs of the Red Wave.

    POTUS ignores the RINO loser – MAGA !

  2. Is that nail in Hultgren’s Coffin?

    Then again, McHenry is the ONLY collar County where Trump won.

    A week and a day to go.

  3. Either would Ted Cruz.

    Things change.

    The Republican Party is becoming unified nationally and locally.

    Randy looks photoshopped in tho.

    I’m sure it’s just bad lighting.

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