Question in McHenry Township Is Form of Government

Jamie Grubich of McHenry wrote the following letter to the Northwest Herald, which is published with her permission:

This is the back of the postcard from the supporters of consolidation.

Consolidate the Road District

To be clear, the McHenry Township Road District Referendum is not about saving your roads, snow so deep emergency vehicles cannot operate or a haircut.

The referendum is also not about a battle between two people, Mr. Anderson or Mr. Condon.

The referendum is about the form of government in Illinois and the need for taxpayers to regain control through redefining how they want to be governed.

The current effective and efficient bureaucratic systems in Illinois have delivered you, the taxpayers,

  • nearly 2000 more units of government than any other state;
  • $216 billion short fall in uncovered debt;
  • bankrupt public pension plans;
  • some of the highest property taxes in the nation and
  • many township lawsuits for misuse of taxpayer monies and taxpayers cover the excessive legal fees.

My opinion is that if we had proper oversight and transparency in governing for all to see, we would not have had the bureaucratic creep and corruption that has put Illinois behind 49 other states financially making us essentially, a failed state.

We should have studies on consolidations and cost studies every year for every budget item for every government function.

It should all be public information and easily obtained by anyone.

It should be part of the job description of every elected official to reduce the size and cost of government.

Government units should be doing this all the time.

Instead, we have bureaucratic turf wars and we see self serving governing and competing and overlapping functions.

We also see different bureaucratic units supporting each other rather than the taxpayer.

For instance, the filings on record with the State Board of Elections shows filings of supporters for Facts First Pro Township like Bob Miller and Iron Mike and various other groups, yet the Facts First Group didn’t report those transfers.


We need a lot more transparency and oversight in all forms of Illinois government.

With House Bill 607, we can consolidate the Township Road District into the General Township with oversight by the Township Board of Trustees.

Vote Yes to start consolidations in Illinois beginning with the Township Road District.


Question in McHenry Township Is Form of Government — 9 Comments

  1. We should have cost sudies.

    Quoted from one of Bob Anderson’s cronies.

    Then why are they so afraid to have a study done?

    Why the rush for the vote Jamie?

    Townships are not part of the Illinois pension plan.

    How much has the legal fees gone up since Anderson and company have been in office?

  2. If you run for office,like me, to stop the township from building a Taj Mahal or to end nepotism, like Andrew G., you face endless lawsuits from those who wish to remain in control of the easy money from taxpayers.

    I support this effort in McHenry township.

    Road districts should not be controlled by one person.

    In Grafton township, the highway commissioner alone can buy and sell real estate on behalf of the taxpayers.

  3. Please explain Nepotism in McHenry Township?????

    Machone, are you an idiot?

    It’s Alg Twnshp Road Commissioner Bob Miller hiring his wife for a friggin’ $30K/yr job and paying her triple that!

    AND hiring his two son in laws.(one bragging that he made more as a snow plow driver than he could as a Lawyer!).

    It’s creating jobs for family members to get them a paycheck. ( i.e. Alg Twnshp recycling specialist. LOL!!)

    It’s creating a ‘family trough’ in which to feed on via the taxpayers with no accountability

  4. in response to consolidate, is the opinion of the majority of our citizen’s that the entire Township system should be reviewed to be financially compatible, workable and responsible to all other units of Government.

    It is decades old and times and responsibilities have changed.

    Allegedly, this is the first time in decades that McHenry Township has had a qualified and licensed road district official.

    I have known Bob Anderson as a neighbor and business person for over 50 years, and believe his motivation is the result of listening to customers, neighbors and others in a community of 7,000 citizens about the corruption in Government.

    Locally one of the more visible examples has been the McHenry County Road District before our present commissioner Jim Condon.

    It is not the road district alone that needs to be investigated for corruption but each and every other unit of government in the Township, County and State of Illinois.

    Combining the Road District into the Township group will not necessarily change any political situation, it is only the elective, appointed and employees that can take corruption out of the operation.

    Please give Anderson thanks for attempting to expose corruption, against all odds.

    Investigate Michael Madigan and his 920 contributors allegedly holding the citizens of Illinois and the Governors office under siege and allegedly against all citizens of the State of Illinois.

    There is a urgent need for the DOJ to send a Task force to McHenry County and the State of Illinois to restore our citizens Constitutional Rights and their ability to have justice.

  5. Machone (Joe Condon’s wife) asks:

    Please explain Nepotism in McHenry Township.

    Ok how about this one?: Joe Condon’s and your kid hired by McHenry township.

    How about that!

    Yeah, I know smokin’ Joe Condon hasn’t been in long enough like Bob Miller to get all his kith and kin on the township payroll yet, and it’s true he’s not as bad (YET) as Bob Miller.

    But he’s sure starting, isn’t he.

    I suppose that’s why JIM CONDON HIRED BOB MILLER AS A CONSULTANT FOR THE MCHENRY ROAD DIST. after voters got rid of him from Algonquin Township and his 5 hour Wisc. Hooters luncheons on the Alg. Township credit card.

  6. The private sector had to consolidate years ago.

    Government must too.

    Plus Condon is reprehensible and perfect example of government gone off the rails.

    I vote yes.

  7. Jim Condons son worked for the parks department for a summer cutting grass part time to earn money for college.

    Jim was a trustee at the time and did not control hiring or firing.

    Also Algonquin township has nothing to do with mchenry Township so please once again like I asked before please explain where the nepotism is in McHenry Township.

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