Underwood Supporter Not Confident, Steals Big Hultgren Sign in Lakewood

One would think with the money pouring into the 14th Congressional District now represented by Randy Hultgren that opponent Lauren Underwood supporters wouldn’t be nervous.

Another full-page article in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday about the race between Randy Hultgren and Lauren Underwood.

But one person driving on Lake Avenue next across the street from our home is nervous.

How nervous?

Last night a four by four foot sign supporting Randy Hultgren was stolen.

After I put it up late yesterday afternoon, I went i to thank my neighbors for the permission to do so and the husband asked, “Do you have anymore Republican signs.”

I told him I did and put up ones for

  • Craig Wilcox for State Senator
  • Carolyn Schofield for County Board
  • Josh Howell for County Board

All had disappeared by Sunday morning.

This reminds me of the guy who was caught stealing a Trump sign from in front of our home two years ago.

A neighbor took a photo of his car, complete with license plate.

The Lakewood Police tracked him down, but I didn’t write a story about the guy, who lived in our subdivision, Country Club Additions.

Maybe I should dig out that police report and publish it.


Underwood Supporter Not Confident, Steals Big Hultgren Sign in Lakewood — 17 Comments

  1. Underwood’s sign have gone missing too.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right and this is selective reporting.

  2. They don’t call them DemonRats for nothing!

    I see Lauren Underhanded’s signs just plopped all over.

    No permission just a sense of entitlement .

    Cant wait til Nov 7th

  3. Expect me to tell readers when someone steals signs I have put up.

  4. Re: Joe Kvidera and “False flag.”

    Can’t cure stupid.

  5. The smell of fear and desperation hangs heavy in air of the
    Democrats, Joe Blowhard.

  6. Do you have a picture of it after it was installed, and was it in the ROW or private property?

  7. Did you out the signs in easements?

    On Election Day year’s ago, Gary Pack supporters put at least 40 of his signs in the easement in front of my lawn because I lived across from a polling place.

    I pulled each of ‘em out and burned every single one.

    Maybe you did the same?

    Unless you have photos, we won’t know…..

    Maybe you pissed some people off and out ‘em in place you shouldn’t….

    Orville has a sign out on Greenwood road and Aavang road about two weeks after the last election.

    I doubt he got permission for that one.

  8. GasserBacker: SHAME ON YOU!

    How dare you expose H.R.M. Lauren Underwood for what she really is!

    A tool/pawn of the homosexual agenda.

    Why won’t she put that picture on her postcard along with “Democrat’?

    Didn’t she appear in the Aurora Gay ‘Pride” parade/ Answer: YES SHE DID!

    Proof (scroll to her photo w/ Sean Casten and Cong. Foster-all 3 holding rainbow flags at the sick event) http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/lgbt/Auroras-1st-Pride-Parade-draws-thousands-/63230.html

    Why isn’t she ‘proud’ to put that on her campaign literature???

  9. Underwood is BIG supported by Genna Hibbs, a lawyer in Woodstock who fancies herself as the LGBTQ ‘Go To’ Drama Queen of Mchenry County.


    Chicago Bar Association
    Woodstock Chamber of Commerce
    Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago

    She brags about it http://hibbslaw.com/about.html

  10. Please vote for Spotlight for Political Sign Police.

    If Spotlight likes you and you meet his very strict criteria for what is acceptable (non-white, gay, illegal alien, felon, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, entomophage, Brian Sager/Franks/Mahady devotee, registered sex-offender, athiest, Wiccan, welfarite, malingerer, military deserter, liberal hobo (he just established the liberal qualifier last week bc too many hobos are conservative he just discovered),


    I say “might” because Steve Rieck’s signs just got trashed by Spotlight.

    Reick was furious because he was sure he’d fit under Spotlight’s atheist category and thought he’d get Spotlight’s OK without any trouble at all, but, alas, Reick, even though he was a RINO, had all his signs pulled by Spotlight’s crew.

    Reick was heartbroken, but Spotlight doesn’t make exceptions for ‘borderline’ cases.

  11. Lean forward. Hear the whisper. Get out of the way before this bluenami washes you away along with all the stupid political signs you care so much about. It is overwhelming…and unstoppable. Repeat after me: Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi…tic, tock, tic, tock, vote, vote, tic, tock, meeeeeeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

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