What’s Joe Walsh Up To?

Joe Walsh berating House Speaker Mike Madigan

Here’s the latest from former Congressman and now WIND Talk Show Host Joe Walsh:

The November 6, 2018 election is just 9 days away.

Please vote. Illinois needs our help! Early voting has started. If you cannot make it to the polls on election day, then vote early!

Find out your Early Voting Location→ http://www.lakecountyil.gov/343/Voting-Options#EarlyVoting


  • Peter Roskam, 6th Congressional District of Illinois
  • Randy Hultgren, 14th Congressional District of Illinois
  • Doug Bennett, 10th Congressional District of Illinois
  • Joe Tirio, McHenry County Clerk
  • Chuck Wheeler, McHenry County Board District 4
  • Steve Balich, Will County Board District 7
  • James Mendrick, DuPage County Sheriff
  • Kevin Wiley, DuPage County Board District 6
  • Jim Zay, DuPage County Board District 6
  • Mark Curran, Lake County Sheriff
  • Dick Barr, Lake County Board District 3
  • Judy Martini, Lake County Board District 5
  • Jeff Werfel, Lake County Board District 6
  • Becky Zeidman, Lake County Board District 11
  • Michael Danforth, Lake County Board District 17
  • Karimar Brown, Lake County Board District 18
  • Daniel Fitzgerald, Cook County Judge
  • Gary Seyring, Cook County Judge
  • Ammie Kessem, IL State Rep District 19
  • Herbert Hebein, IL State Rep District 35
  • Dr. Jay Kinzler, IL State Rep District 46
  • Tonia Khouri, IL State Rep District 49
  • Helene Miller Walsh, IL State Rep District 51
  • David McSweeney, IL State Rep District 52
  • Thomas Morrison, IL State Rep District 54
  • Marilyn Smolenski, IL State Rep District 55
  • Ken Idstein, IL State Rep District 62
  • Tom Weber, IL State Rep District 64
  • Dan Ugaste, IL State Rep District 65
  • Allen Skillicorn, IL State Rep District 66
  • Alyssia Benford, IL State Rep District 98
  • Darren Bailey, IL State Rep District 109
  • Dan McConchie, IL State Senate District 26
  • Col Craig Wilcox, IL State Senate District 32

If you are interested in volunteering to walk precincts, make phone calls, get signs out or poll watching on November 6th for election day please contact Barb Babbey at 847-804-2112 or email Barb@WalshFreedom.com

Project HOOD, Sunday, November 18th.

Walsh Freedom has been helping our friends on the south side of Chicago for the past 5 years. Please volunteer to help hand out Thanksgiving dinners at New Beginnings Church, 6620 South King Drive in Chicago, IL on Sunday, November 18th from 11:00-4:00. If you can volunteer that day please contact Barb Babbey at 847-804-2112 or email Barb@WalshFreedom.com.


What’s Joe Walsh Up To? — 4 Comments

  1. Is he supplying armored car transport for these south-side Thanksgiving give aways?

  2. State rep results
    19: L
    35: L
    46: L
    49: L
    51: Still counting
    52: Uncontested
    54: W (barely)
    55: L
    62: L
    64: W
    65: W
    66: Uncontested
    98: L
    109: W
    state senate results
    26: W
    32: W

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