Article about California GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Relates Crystal Lake Investment

Former Illinois resident John Cox is the Republican candidate for Governor in California.

A reporter for the Los Angeles Times wrote a piece on how he made his moneywhich features an investment in Crystal Lake:

John Cox

One of Cox’s apartment complexes in Crystal Lake, Ill., was stung by an allegation of racial discrimination in 2005. Tenant Bridget Krieman alleged that the apartment manager there used racial slurs when referring to Krieman’s son, who is biracial. A federal court judge dismissed the case in 2006, citing a lack of evidence and some allegations falling outside the statue of limitations. Krieman could not be reached for comment. Cox said the allegation had no merit and noted that the case was dismissed.

In 2007, a police narcotics unit arrested eight people for selling and possessing drugs at the same apartment complex. Master Sgt. Tim Sebastian, commander of the Illinois State Police North Central Narcotics Task Force, told the Chicago Tribune the property was an “open air market” where people sold drugs in the parking lot. The Cox campaign did not directly address the incident, but the candidate said that his company did not tolerate illegal behavior at his apartment complexes and would address it quickly when it arose.

In February, the city of Crystal Lake found several code violations inside one of the apartments. It was declared unfit for human habitation, filled with rubbish and had a rodent or bug infestation, as well as smoke detectors and appliances that did not work. Once management was alerted to the issue, the property was brought into compliance…

Cox said that since 2010, his company has invested $2 million to improve the Crystal Lake apartments.


Article about California GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Relates Crystal Lake Investment — 4 Comments

  1. Section 8 … ain’t it great!

    Those apts have been drug marketplaces for years.

    Cox loves the Section 8 moolah, and couldn’t give a cr@p about what he’s introducing to the community.

    CL high school kids were always combing that location, with cash wads to be exchanged for grass, coke and pills.

  2. People suck!

    They think being a landlord is gravy.

    It’s hard work and not worth the aggravation !

    It’s a rare Tennent that treats your property as they would their own.

    Very Rare.

    $2 Million to improve apartments that probably aren’t even worth that!

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