Notes from the McHenry Township Consolidation Referendum Campaigns

Getting information from both sides of the referendum to put the McHenry Township Road District under the McHenry Township Board in 2021.

The referendum is a result of the passage of a bill which took effect on January 1st.

The McHenry Township Board is the only one in the state, to the best of my knowledge, to have put a consolidation referendum on the ballot.

On October 27th, Adam Vick sent the following email and photos of the little bags containing a little Tootsie Roll, a pebble and a “Vote Yes” message:

Here are a few of the littering pictures from the consolidation group. How about you post these with the article on Bobs barbershop?

Seems a little one sided to me.

The street sign above the scattered baggies from the proponents’ campaign reads “Mineral Spring Drive.”

Here’s another photo of the baggies scattered on the ground location unknown:

“Vote Yes” baggies can be seen scattered on the ground from a different view near Mineral Spring Drive.

Bob Anderson sent this email on Saturday, October 27th:

More beer bottles thrown in Barber Shop driveway last night, under constant threat.

Trying to scare Marine/81 year old business man, won’t happen.

Having effect on Judy though, can’t sleep.

Who’s behind this? Certainly township connected!

On Sunday, October 28th, this update came from Anderson:

I and another member of Citizens For Consolidation were in Johnsburg yesterday afternoon campaigning holding YES signs while walking on sidewalks.

As we were about to finish, Johnsburg Trustees Tom Curry got into my face shouting question after question, also recording.

Our vehicles were parked about two blocks away, Mr. Curry followed.

Trustee Curry is a major supporter of Jim Condon and the McHenry Township Road District.

The following Sheriff’s draft report on a sign theft on McCullom Lake Road in Wonder Lake across from Harrison School was completed today:

Report of a “Vote Yes” sign theft was made to the Sheriff’s Department by William Schroeder.

Here the description written by Sheriff’s Deputy Kyle Mandernack.

Earlier today a commenter (Galevaunder this article wrote the following:

I saw a ‘McHenry Township truck’ being used to haul the signs featuring children cutting hair.

This was on a Friday, Sept. 28th, 2018 on Rt 120 Time 4:45 CSDST

There were 3 males doing it.

Was the township truck reported stolen?


Notes from the McHenry Township Consolidation Referendum Campaigns — 9 Comments

  1. Hello trustee curry its bill Cunningham your pretty good at coming out of bar intimidating an eighty year old barber and a tiny lady all of 5 feet 4 inches

    I’ll be at 31 and McCollum lake road Saturday stop by

  2. Nob, I bet you’re planning a big entry to complain about the township sign on the sacred ROW!

    Or doesn’t it matter when the township abuses it as they have all over McHenry township?

    We only ask because of you supposed knowledge!

    Township worker Vick, nice staging of baggies in the picture.

  3. Where is the proof, such as a video from “Galeva”

    Comical load of BS.

  4. My goodness, Bill Cunningham can’t even spell McCullom Lake.

    Talk about DEVO.

    That’s De-evolution to old BC.

    And BC, where is the proof?
    It’s just hearsay without backup.

    Since Snowplow Bob is 81, he may be having hallucinations.

    Do you guys tell kids to get off your lawn?

  5. Bill Cunningham, as nice as it is to hear you’re crossing back over the state line to campaign for your friend Bob, not to mention the invitation to meet you after school, you’re no longer of any significance in this debate.

    Bob Anderson, keep spinning you tales….


    Tom Curry

  6. They have no pictures of a township truck putting up signs plain and simple I have asked for proof before and they have none.

    Please provide a picture or a video of this happening.

    I have $100 for anyone who can.

    The above 2 pictures are all over mchenry Facebook pages not hard to find out who posted them the watcher.

    Mr. Cunningham the guy who ran for trustee knowing he was moving to Wisconsin all along what a group you have going.

  7. Actually the sign pictured is in the worst of locations as it seems to be blocking sight distances at a intersection also.

  8. Machone is Mrs. Jimmy ‘Crack Corn’ Condon.

    She’s angry about the Board’s pay cut for her lazy husband.

    Why was her kid hired by McHenry Township.

    She wanted an empire like Bobby Miller told her about.

    “A township is just one giant cornucopia!” Miller told her.

    That’s why her husband liked the name ‘Jimmy Crack Corn(ucopia) Condon.’

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