NWH Letter Talks of “Stupidly Structured Unit of Government”

McHenry’s Ned Neumann sent the following letter to the Northwest Herald. It is published here with his permission.

(Opponents of the McHenry Township Road District consolidation referendum are welcome to send their published letter here with permission to post them on McHenry County Blog.)

Consolidate Now

People are raising questions that are already answered about the referendum to consolidate the McHenry Township Road District with the McHenry Township Board.

There is no lack of clarity about what will happen when the referendum passes.

The referendum question that voters will vote for or against is as straightforward as it could be. It reads:

Shall the Road District of the Township of McHenry be abolished with all the rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities being assumed by the Township of McHenry? Yes______ No_____

This referendum has absolutely nothing to do with other townships, or the County, or the Senior Center, or Youth Center, or Senior Rides, or other township functions.

Why do supposedly responsible people continue to ask what’s going to happen, or who’s going to do it?

The only difference will be that the road district employees will now work for the Township Board rather than the Highway Commissioner.

Let’s get this done.

A “Fact Sheer” put out by those who want to have the McHenry Township Board take control of its Road District starting in 2021.

Let’s gets this stupidly structured unit of government combined, two and a half years from now, with the already existing town board of five elected officials, eliminating the position of the single one-man-rule Highway Commissioner.

The new township board, a democratically elected group of five, will hire the Director of Road Services to perform the duties of the former Highway Commissioner.

McHenry Township only.

Vote YES to consolidate the Road District with the town board.


NWH Letter Talks of “Stupidly Structured Unit of Government” — 8 Comments

  1. I vote Yes, abolish this extra layer of government.

    It’s crazy it wasn’t consolidated years ago, but with people like Condon and Miller running their crooked Kingdoms of Township Milk and Honey, I can see why it wasn’t.

  2. In my mind the issue is “can the Township Board do all the functions that the Road Commissioner does now, at the same or lesser cost?

    In my mind, this issue has never been resolved and since I don’t believe the Board can do the same duties that the Road Commissioner is now doing at the same or lesser cost, I will vote no.

    Eliminate the Board and keep the Road Commissioner makes more sense to me.

  3. Jim, Mr. Neumann has stated it all very clearly.

    You’re just trying to muddy the water.

    The board will oversee the budget, contracts, bids, etc.

    The managing of the roads and crew will be handled by the Director of Road Services answering to the board?

    It’s a very simple concept only made difficult by people like you who are “no” voters no matter the plan.

    It makes sense to hire someone for their skills and experience.

    Why should the commissioner be a political position?

    The two previous commissioners (VanEvery and Majercik) had no skills but they had political pull.

    Common sense…in short supply in township government.

    Taxpayers are hoping for a return.

  4. Ned Neumann has become the village/township TOWN CRIER & know it all.

    Bob and Ned, 2 grumpy old guys that need a new hobby.

    How many letters from Neddy to the NW Herald is this now? 8?

    How many from snowplow Bob?

    These guys know next to nothing on this referendum.

    They just have an axe to grind.

    Vote no and end this insanity from these goof balls.

  5. Ned, can you guarantee that the newly elected Board in 2021 will not hire Mr. Condon?

    Will the voters install a conservative board or a liberal one to meet YOUR party’s standards in 2021?

    For those of you who actually believe that this will reduce your taxes, consider that a YES vote does absolutely NOTHING to eliminate the Road District as a taxing body. In fact it may be used to raise your property taxes to fund other SOCIAL services. It all depends on who you elect to the Township Board.

    This referendum is the result of half-baked idea coming out of Springfield and was formulated by some local politicians who are in my opinion half a bubble off!

  6. Paul Revere, that is better than being the village idiot.

  7. More than a few of us are waiting for a photo showing Highway Department trucks with “Vote NO” signs in them…if such activity occurred, which I personally doubt.

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