Supporters of Consolidating McHenry Township’s Road District with the Township Continue to Write Letters

Another letter to the Northwest Herald published here with permission of author Dave Bussell.

Consolidate Now

Why do people complain so much about a small increase in their cable or satellite bill but remain so passively uninformed about the one hundred or more times greater dollars that they provide to their township road districts each year.

How often do you hear things like:

“The township portion of my taxes is small when compared to what the schools get”?

It’s a small portion, but it is a small portion of an enormous pie and it’s a lot of money.

A lot more than the cable bill they complain about.

Even though the township portion is small when compared with other taxing bodies, that portion is large enough that hundreds of thousands of dollars of it are being spent defending the law suits that have been filed alleging that our road districts have over taxed us for years.

This is the back of the postcard from the supporters of consolidation of the McHenry Township Road Strict with McHenry Township.

That over taxation is the byproduct of the budgets that are prepared by a single individual, the Road District Highway Commissioner.

Taxing bodies like our road districts need to be run by a board of elected officials rather than a single individual with no oversight.

If the referendum to combine the road district into the town board passes, nothing will change except who is running the operation.

There are no costs associated with that transfer and the entrenched bureaucrats and their supporters who constantly call for a cost benefit study to support something that has no costs are simply insulting our intelligence.

Vote yes in November to consolidate the McHenry Township Road District with the McHenry Township Board.


Supporters of Consolidating McHenry Township’s Road District with the Township Continue to Write Letters — 11 Comments

  1. Another letter from yet another useful idiot from the snowplow Bob/Ned cabal.

    Where is the proof of cost savings?

    Just because you folks keep saying it doesn’t make it so.

  2. You pay more for cable service in a year then you do to the township to travel on safe roads

  3. Machone is township employee posting to save its job.

    While townships maintain residential roads only in unincorporated areas, they tax all township property even if it’s within an overlapping municipality, in which case the property owner ends up paying to maintain unincorporated roads along with his or her own city’s or village’s.

    Just as troubling, townships often maintain bloated bureaucracies, favor patronage payrollers and hoard cash that rightfully should be rebated to taxpayers.

  4. I pay more in 1 month for cable than what my full year property tax for the township road and bridge, and that is $175 for the year, cable is $230 a month.

    I like the well kept and safe roads in McHenry township, 365 days a year.

    McHenry township is not the embarrassment that Algonquin Township seems to be.

  5. Roads in my area are a mess.

    At least they were in the area recently to patch all of the damage, but they are still over 30 years old and cracked / rough in all sorts of places.

    Really selective about “repair”. basically just doing enough to say that they are out there doing something, and coincidentally it’s right around the time of the vote on this issue.

    They get out there from 7-10 AM, place road cones, and aren’t seen again until the next day because it apparently takes them 3-6 days to demo and re-pave a 30′ section with heavy machinery.

  6. Eliminating one elected official who is able to hire his own patronage army with no over site who he hires is just the reason to elimate that position.

    The very reason both democrats and republicans passed the bill to eliminate road districts in mchenry cty they see the nepotism corruption that exist in our township road districts .

    if the people in the city of McHenry wish to continue paying for plowing village of McCollum lake and wonder lake roads then so be it.

    but I wouldn’t vote to continue it.

  7. Bill you can’t vote for it you live in Wisconsin so stay there.

    You ran for trustee knowing you would be moving to Wisconsin and bob and his merry bands of buddies appointed Verr behind closed doors.

    What do you call that?

    Sounds like patronage to me.

  8. Wow, Mr. Cunningham still mispells McCullum Lake.

    And he lives out of state, so he is barking at the wind.

    Why is life so hard for some people?

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