Peter Roskam’s New Video Calls Out Sean Casten’s Extreme Views

From the Peter Roskam for Congress campaing:

New digital ad documents Sean Casten’s extremist ties

WHEATON, IL — Sean Casten has made his values a center point of the campaign, but in a new ad documenting Casten’s extreme affiliations, it’s clear his radical views aren’t compatible with Sixth District residents.

Do these issues matter in the campaign?

Sean Casten says it’s a black or white proposition: “If they don’t subscribe to my values, I’m probably not the right person to represent them.

”The video demonstrates exactly what Casten means when he says he’ll use “any means necessary” to win this election—he praises the use of violent political rhetoric, holds up as an example the use of extortion to achieve desired policies, and the Casten Foundation funds a radical group far outside the mainstream of our communities.

“Sixth District voters should be alarmed by Sean Casten’s language, his actions and his role models. Don’t take my word for it, watch the short video of Casten and his extremist hero spreading hate and ridicule in their own words, and see if that is the kind of ‘leadership’ you want representing you,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera.

“Voters have an important choice as we head into Election Day—do they want Sean Casten and his divisive, R-rated behavior as the face of our communities, or do we deserve better?”


Voiceover: Congressional candidate Sean Casten has recently come under fire for his extreme affiliations.

[Clip 1] Casten: “My job is simply to continue being honest about where my values are, and letting the people of the district know what those values are.  Because if they don’t subscribe to my values, I’m probably not the right person to represent them.”

Voiceover: But what are Casten’s values? In a recent Wall Street Journal article titled “A House Majority by “Any means Necessary” journalist Kyle Peterson recounts the following:

Voiceover: “… While we walk, I toss out what seems like a throwaway question. …[N]ame “one current leader who most inspires you,” Mr. Casten picked Dan Savage, a sex columnist. What motivated that choice? “He has this combination,” Mr. Casten explains, “of completely righteous indignation, and an awesome sense of humor.”

Voiceover: He cites a contest Mr. Savage held in 2003 to name a graphic sex term after then-Sen. Rick Santorum.

[Clip 2]: “Sex columnist Dan Savage started a campaign to rename the word ‘Santorum’ and the first two hits you get are about the filthiest sexual neologism possible”

Voiceover: When challenged about this bizarre choice, Casten reiterated his selection and added:

[Clip 3]: “Listen the person I embraced and I will stand to this day is Dan Savage.”

Voiceover: Let’s examine the “righteous Indignation” and “sense of humor” of Mr. Savage that Casten finds inspiring…

Voiceover: Savage is famous for advocating violence against political rivals…

[Clip 4]: Carl Romanelli should be dragged behind a pick-up truck until there is nothing left but the rope.

Voiceover: and even said…

[Clip 5]: Mahr: You republicans are like Arafat [laughter] Savage: Unfortunately not exactly like him, I wish they were all f***ing dead!

Voiceover: Nothing from Mr. Savage, who inspires Casten, is moderate or bipartisan, which Casten claims to be.  But Casten’s extreme affiliations do not end there.

Voiceover: The Casten’s family foundation has given over $150,000 to the Center for Inquiry… a fringe group that’s mission is to “keep religion from infecting public policy.” 

Voiceover: Not only are Casten’s affiliations extreme, but so is he. Casten also recently compared the President to the most murderous terrorist leader in American history, Osama bin Laden.

[Clip 6]: Marin: “You have compared Donald Trump to Osama Bin Laden, was that a temperate response?”  Casten: “Look, what I said needed to be said.”

Voiceover: So let’s get this straight… Casten wants to represent Illinois… and yet he admires people who advocate for violence against political rivals…

Voiceover: His family’s foundation has given thousands of dollars to an extremist group focused on destroying all faiths and encourages a “socially-accepted role for suicide.”

[Clip 7]: Casten “If they don’t subscribe to my values, I’m probably not the right person to represent them.”

Voiceover: We could not agree more.


Peter Roskam’s New Video Calls Out Sean Casten’s Extreme Views — 4 Comments

  1. So you like the idea of Sharia law, Peter?

    That’s religion infecting public policy.

    It’s really sad that after all those years in Congress Roskam can’t run on his record.

    Hopefully he can accomplish more in the private sector.

  2. In this sunshine blog we reject extreme ideas; that is why no homophobic, racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic, sexist messages are ever allowed or encouraged…weeeeeeell…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Maybe someone should ask Rep. Roskam how he feels about Trump’s responses to the Pipe Bomber, both before and after it was revealed that that guy had Trump pictures plastered all over his van, and whether or not he feels that Trump has contributed to a toxic environment of violence which includes not only this but the synagogue shootings.

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