Funding for Supporting Consolidation McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township

Just found the Illinois State Board of Elections filing of those who want to fold the McHenry Township Highway Department into the rest of township government in 2021.

The committee filed under the name of Citizens for Consolidation, but a search using that name only turned up a school district committee.

The State Board of Elections filing can be found here.

As of the end of September, the committee reported having available $5,768.93.

$1,725 came in amounts under $150, so did not have to be reported separately.

“Vote Yes Consolidation” image.

Contributions over $150 follow:

  • $850 – Judy Anderson
  • $800 – Edward Neuman
  • $560 – Bob Anderson
  • $300 – Paul Grubnall
  • $200 – Ben Keil

Since then, Charles S. Liebman has contributed $1,000.  (Liebman is the major contributor to the new science building at McHenry County College)

During that quarter, $386 was spent on flyers and $281 on candy.


Funding for Supporting Consolidation McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township — 12 Comments

  1. I have to chuckle,
    how much was spent for
    the “dope” baggies that encased the tootsie rolls & printed mumbo jumbo?

    I still have the one tossed in my drive.

    And to be technical, it was in the right of way.

    So who littered first?

  2. I highly doubt that Mr. Pokorny.

    My father passed away years ago.

  3. Paul, how many sale papers stacking up in your drive?

    Must be a mess around your house and you must be incredibly incurious to just let things lay.

  4. Seems disingenuous of Team Anderson to throw out litter then expect the gov employees to clean up after them.

    How can we say we want to cut gov spending then add more work for the gov guys to do?

  5. I wonder if the $560 Anderson spent is even worth the savings he’ll receive if consolidation is approved.

    Oh yeah, we have no clue because no study was ever done!

    Seems like a poor ROI.

  6. Well, nob, they didn’t mind gathering them the first time to dump at Anderson’s.

    Why would they mind gathering them a second time?

    They like to look busy.

    This would have been a perfect chance.

  7. Jsteveo, who are they?

    The perfect deal would have been Team Anderson not littering in the first place.

  8. Why are township workers putting up “save the Township” signs … on taxpayer time?!!

    That’s why I’m voting to abolish.

    Why are they taking down Wilcox signs, too?

  9. Cal give me a break!

    I will give anyone with proof of township employees $1,000 if they have a picture or video of a township employee putting up signs on township time.

    The evidence doesn’t exist just another lie from the Anderson campaign.

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