Joe Tirio Mails for Support

McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio, now running for County Clerk, the office into which the Recorder’s Office will be folded in 2020, has sent out a modest mailing.

It’s 8 1/2 by 11 inches folded twice.

The stamped side just has the return address.

The back you can see below:

The back of Joe Tirio’s mailing shows him speaking to a crowded Woodstock Square audience.

Open it up and on the right hand side is a panel saying votes can trust him, that he cut the cost of government and that he is a proven leader.

The inside flap of

Open the piece all the way up and there is a letter from from Tirio with further arguments to supporting his candidacy:

The letter points to Tirio’s accomplishments as Recorder of Deeds.


Joe Tirio Mails for Support — 5 Comments

  1. Modest. Don’t you love our sunshine blogger? Stay tuned…5 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. I think the important reason to elect Tirio has been overshadowed by political distraction.

    Election software is vulnerable, and requires someone with sophisticated IT knowledge to address modern security issues.

    Tirio has extensive IT knowledge.

  3. OMG.




    Such a bad layout.

    Sometimes I think I should just sell out and do graphic design for all these McHenry County Republicans who don’t know how to design a mail piece.

  4. I usually like to pay attention to numbers, but it strikes me now that THIS (Alabama)kind of mentality is what wins and loses elections.

    How does one escape such inattention to relevant details of governance capability?

    Should we just give up and leave?

    Stand and fight?

    Fight HOW (when the weapons are absurd dumpster diving in sewage of human intellectual laziness and self-indulgence)?

  5. alabama is trolling.

    Desperate people can only sling mud and see what sticks.

    If it were short he would complain there aren’t enough words..

    He knows Tirio is far more qualified for the job.

    He has nothing to criticize Joe for, or no reason to support that silly Democratic opponent other than partisan affiliation, so all he can do is silly attacks!

    Voters will recognize this.

    Joe Tirio is going to win!

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