Littering Continues in Front of Bob Anderson’s Wonder Lake Barber Shop

It is often said that “Timing is everything” in politics.

Campaigns peak too soon sometimes.

In the case of the campaign to put the McHenry Township Road District under the Township Board starting in 2021, not living in the area, I don’t have a feel for how the two sides are doing.

Beer again seems to be involved in the littering of the road in front of Bob Anderson’s barber shop in Wonder Lake.

But, for what it’s worth, the littering of the public right-of-way in front of Bob Anderson’s Wonder Lake barber shop continues.

What are the odds that a McHenry Township Highway Department vehicle would be driving down the road as Bob Anderson was taking pictures of the baggies with a tootsie roll and a message to “Vote Yes” inside that were strewn along the road?

I’ll leave it to commenters for any interpretation.

And, then a second McHenry Township Road District vehicle passed by.

But, it certainly is coincidental that two McHenry Township Highway Department mowers were passing by as Anderson was taking photos of the litter after filing a report with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.


Littering Continues in Front of Bob Anderson’s Wonder Lake Barber Shop — 15 Comments

  1. Coincidental that Anderson snapped a pic as they drove by?

    More like well timed by the “trustee”.

    It’s unfortunate that anyone would litter.

    I suggest the guilty party is as likely the guy wanting to play the victim as it is a Township employee.

    By the way, throwing those bags on the ground individually as part of your campaign is no different than what this image depicts.

  2. I’d comment, but this A.M. I reported for my Jury Duty Summons, than Voted, all the while taking the train instead of driving, like some ‘Save the Environment’ f’wit.

    I’ve done enough societal damage for one day.

  3. Is there any word on whether the township stopped and cleaned up that litter on the public right-of-way?

  4. These township people are really something.

    Just like Chicago.

    They’re ruining things for my granddaughter’s school referendum.

    I was a NO, but now a YES

  5. This nonsense could easily end if Team Anderson would just stop adding more litter to the game and pickup the litter they already through in every township driveway.

  6. Time for this Anderson guy to pick up his trash. See how well informed I am? I owe this and more to my sunshine blogger. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Bob Anderson said they did not clean up the right-of-way.

    They just drove past.

  8. So stop and clean up in front of his shop because people are sick of his crap?

    He would just take pictures and say look they threw them there and now they are back to pick them up!

    Job security for township employees.

    He is a complete lunatic and has nothing better to do then stand outside and take pictures.

  9. How can Team Anderson expect to cut taxes if they keep adding more work for the gov dudes to do?

  10. What are the odds Bob and his band of barbershop thugs are the ones
    making the mess in his shop parking lot and blaming everyone else to gain the sympathy of
    the lower IQ voters?

    Funny happenstance he is standing in his parking lot when not 1 but 2 township mowers drive by.

    FYI, they mow the roadside weeds/grass uncle Bobby, they don’t collect trash with
    that equipment.

    I’ll say it again, the yes supporters tossed their litter out first.

  11. You know it wasn’t a township employee they don’t get paid enough to afford fancy beer

  12. Machone, keep me laughing with your nonsense.

    Township employees are overpaid idlers, as any cop in the area can attest.

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