Two Don DeWitte Mailings

Starting from no name identification in McHenry County, State Senator Don DeWitte, appointed to replace retired State Senator Karen McConnaughay, had an uphill battle to beat Democrat Nancy Zettler.

Zettler ran unsuccessfully against Alan Skillicorn two years ago, but, in the process got name ID in that half of the State Senate District.

She has been campaigning hard, spending almost $32,000 in July, August and September.

Young people were hired to knock on doors indiscriminately (that is, hard Republicans were included):

  • Ethan Buhrow
  • Winfrield Cooper
  • Zach Pargeon
  • Don Richie

In addition, Senate Democrats popped for a New York City political operative, Zachery Elvove, who was paid $3,000 a month, plus one $17,360 infusion in the third week of September for printing (probably for a mailing).

In any event, DeWitte has made a lot of mailings playing catch-up

Two of the latest are below:

Don DeWitte focuses on late payment of real estate taxes by Nancy Zetter in this mailing.

No positive message on Don DeWitee on this postfdard.

Don DeWitte ties Nancy Zetter to Mike Madigan and JB Pritzker on this mailing dedicated to her support of a progressive income tax.

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If anyone has any Nancy Zettler mailings, I would be happy to post them.

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