Dorr Township GOP Precinct Letter

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Below is the letter from Dorr 7 Precinct Committeeman Cyndi Hemauer

Dear Fellow Republican and Neighbor,

I’ll be brief and direct. This Mid-term Election is the Republican’s to lose!

Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the radical Left are teaming up with Hollywood elites to raise millions upon millions of dollars to create a master plan to attempt to defeat President Trump’s
Conservative majority and wipe out his successful plan of putting ’America First’.

If Democrats take over, the future will look bleak: higher taxes, socialist-style single-payer health care, insecure borders, unemployment and a failed big government agenda.

BUT – if Conservatives stay in Washington, we can continue to see the incredible results of the past two years: huge tax cuts, a secure border, a booming economy, and an America First
agenda that helps our nation thrive.

There was a wagon carrying McHenry County Republican Chairman Diane Evertsen, McHenry County College Board member Karen Tirio and Cyndi Hemauer.

We’ve come so far.

Things are starting to change for the better.

There’s more security and opportunity to invest in the one’s that matter. But this could ALL go away if we don’t remember what we came from and Choose the Right future. A future worth
fighting for is not guaranteed, so please VOTE NOV 6th… or earlier. We Can’t Go Back!…Please, Vote Republican!

We must protect our President’s Conservative majority because the future of our nation depends on it. See back page for Voting locations and times.

Cyndi Hemauer

Dorr Township Republican Central Committee Secretary
Precinct 7 Committeeman



Randy Hultgren

U.S. Rep, IL 14th District Platform and accomplishments include: Confronting Washington, Holding the IRS Accountable, Ending Taxpayer Bailouts, Protecting Small Business, Revitalizing American Manufacturing, Working to Reform the Tax Code, works on bi-partisan issues to improve all Americans. Endorsed by the
Farm Bureau and NFIB.


Craig Wilcox

32nd Legislative District IL Senate Committed public servant on the McHenry County Board – fights as a taxpayer advocate and for transparency in Government actions!
In the IL Senate he will continue his commitment with:

Property Tax & Population Loss Prevention Plan: Property Tax cap to force local Govt to set fair and sustainable rates that don’t rob homeowners of their equity. Committed to passing reforms to bring back jobs, lower taxes, lessen crippling regulations and attracting fellow leaders who will do the same.

Pension Reform– Sees importance of keeping promises to state workers who have earned their retirement but also sees value in bringing down taxpayers’ financial burden by putting new workers on self-managed plans that combine public and private contributions and match employee fees.

Transparency– Recognizes the unfortunate lack of honesty and
transparency from elected officials in Springfield who are supposed to be
working on behalf of taxpayers. Craig is a courageous public servant
willing to lead and turn the tide.


The issue of drawing of legislative and congressional district boundaries along with he probability that the Democrats will pass a graduated state income tax that will negatively affect us all are reasons to vote for Gov Bruce Rauner.


Erika Harold

for Attorney General – Committed to focusing on corruption (something the current AG ignores.

What a change from having Mike Madigan’s daughter in the office.


Jason Helland

for Secretary of State – Vetted by the Governors Group. Believes absolute power corrupts. Helland is a dynamic candidate, a legal mind committed to cutting a lot of fat within the Sec of State’s budget and bringing the Sec of State’s technology out of the 1980’s for efficiency and lower fees for taxpayers. See his interview online at NWHerald. “2018 Election: Illinois Secretary of State candidate Jason Helland”


for Comptroller


for Treasurer


As County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio hugs Alyssa Weise, the wife Tirio promises not to hire can be seen in the background.


for County Clerk Promises Made, Promises Kept!

As your current County Recorder, Joe successfully ran on the platform and delivered on his promises to:

  • Eliminate Nepotism & Patronage
  • Refuse the Municipal Pension
  • Reduce Costs
  • Abolish his job

If elected, Joe will assume the roles of both Clerk and Recorder, but will refuse pay from the Recorder’s office, delivering savings to the County with his commitment to take on both roles for the price of one!

Joe Tirio photoshopped in the primary election by the so-called “Illinois Integrity Fund” to look like a robber in a mask wearing rubber gloves so he won’t leave finger prints at the scene of the crime.


Chicago Tribune:“Why don’t more Illinois public officials find ways to consolidate offices & give taxpayers some relief? No
surprise, then, that we strongly favor Tirio…”

Northwest Herald:“He’s done his best to find efficiencies, not spend where it wasn’t needed & is now working to return money to the taxpayers.

He has the experience and knowledge base to run efficient, safe elections and work to find cost savings in the consolidations of the two departments. “

Taxpayers United of America (Tax Accountability)


John Jung and Michael Reicn

for County Board

Rein was responsible for saving the county $Millions in employee healthcare expenses.

Vote “YES” on Term Limit Propositions!


Dorr Township GOP Precinct Letter — 5 Comments

  1. My dear racist friend Diane: I can lend you a Mexican flag. Feel free to proudly wave it riding your wagon at any republikkklan event. Just call me. Stay tuned…5 days…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Yeah sure Angel, only 5 days and I can’t wait until the Commy butt-hurt progressives DemonRats (the Real racists) are crying in their beer, screaming in the streets and murmuring murderous plots to take down our President. LOL Trump will have to take out an executive order to fund a national Mental Health emergency!

    Vote for Sanity! Vote Republican!

  3. Angel probably has more Mexican flags than American flags.

    This is the Democratic Party of today…

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