Three McHenry Township Vendors Help Finance Opponents’ Campaign to Thwart Consolidation of the Road District with the Rest of McHenry Township

An early sign urging voters to oppose consolidation of the McHenry Township Road District into the Township under the Township Board in 2021.

“Follow the money.”

That was the strategy of the Washington Post reporters in their Watergate investigation.

A week ago I sent a Freedom of Information request to McHenry Township asking for payments since the beginning of 2017 to any of the large contributors to Citizens for Facts First.

You can see the big contributors below:

  • $1,200 – Loan from Mariclare Adams
  • $500 – Lake Cook Plumbing Service, Inc., Lake Zurich
  • $300 – Robert Wegener, McHenry
  • $250 – Citizens for Joe Gottemoller, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – William Rinn, Crystal Lake
  • $200 – ADL & Associates, LLC, McHenry
  • $200 – Buss Ford & Lincoln, McHenry
  • $200 – Stephen Cheslica, Burlington, WI
  • $200 – Roger Gerstad, Wonder Lake
  • $200 – HR Green, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • $200 – Christian Newkirk, McHenry
  • $200 – R.A. Adams Enterprises, Inc.
  • $200 – Schmitt and Schmitt Investments, McHenry
  • $200 – Charles Violett, McHenry

Now, let’s look at how much McHenry Township paid and still owe three of those contributors for 2017, through October 31, 2018:

  • HR Green – $573,255.95
  • R. Adams Enterprises – $15,128.17
  • Buss Ford & Lincoln – $2,304.23

All in all, nothing like how the supporters of the McHenry High School tax hike referendum pried money out of their vendors.

Of the $5,000 in contributions reported to the State Board of Elections, $3,500 comes from those receiving taxpayer-financed checks:

  • $1,500 – Joseph Parys, Partner, Center Point Energy, Downers Grove, which sells natural gas to District 156
  • $1,000 – Midwest Educational Furnishings, Inc., which sells furniture to D156
  • $1,000 – Wuff Werner, ABM, Cleveland, provides custodial services for the district


Three McHenry Township Vendors Help Finance Opponents’ Campaign to Thwart Consolidation of the Road District with the Rest of McHenry Township — 21 Comments

  1. Mr Skinner do you have records of Bob Anderson’s contributors as well? Prior to Anderson blocking me, and some of my family, on social media I noticed nearly all of his support came from outside of McHenry Township.

    Please note I am not listed among the big contributors.

    Contradicting Bob Anderson’s statement in an email to you, which you shared on your blog earlier this week.

  2. The contributors over $150 are in this article, published yesterday.

    You can find the addresses of those large contributors at the link below:

    They are the Anderson household and people living on Country Club Road in McHenry.

    CharlesLiebman, who gave $1,000 recently, lives on Ridge Road just north of Bull Valley Road. I don’t know whether that address is in McHenry Township or not, but the McHenry Township Road District does maintain Ridge Road south of Route 120.

  3. You are selectively comparing apples to oranges, nice try.

    Here is what HR Green does for its money.

    You know, hard stuff like numbers and engineering.

    And a lousy $200 contribution.

    You guys are grabbing at straws.

  4. Cal you are incorrect.

    McHenry Township does not maintain ridge road south of 120.

    They have a small 1/4 mile section of the road south of 120. Which is plowed by the city of mchenry through an IGA.

  5. Paul exactly did the money donated from the Anderson household come from his pay as a trustee?

    Or his pension from the school district?

    All financed by the tax payers.

    He holds 2 elected positions and has his hand in to much.

    Abolish Bob!!

  6. I often drive the road and there is a section maintained by McHenry Township.

    There are signs saying so.

    I believe Liebman lives on the Bull Valley part of Ridge Road.

  7. Cal like I said they have a small 1/4 mile section of that road.

    They do not maintain the whole road as you stated.

  8. Evidently Bob isn’t very good at paperwork. To wit, below is from his disclosure form you linked:

    Citizens For McHenry Township Rd

    Purpose: Consolidate McHenry Township into McHenry Township

    Sounds a little absurd.

  9. Townships are the biggest rackets in Illinois.

    They should be abolished along with the lazy idlers who never fix the roads.

    I will never buy again from Buss Ford, now that I know what he supports for kickback purchases.

    Shame on them.

  10. Big man curry again same little man who tried intimidating a young lady all of 5 feet 4inches and a eighty year old retired marine.

    Tiny man big mouth

  11. Right on cue, Out of Town Bill Cunningham chimes in with his childish banter.

    As I noted above, Anderson’s supporters are from out of town.

  12. Tom Curry, did you lie about when the Road District is abolished, all township roads will be torn up?

    Yes you did!

    I heard you.

    October 22nd, Walmart, about 3pm.

  13. That’s cute Gyvench, I don’t recall being in Wal-Mart since the summer.

    Even if you did see me there I wouldn’t make up some off The wall claim like The roads will be torn up. The issue is Bob Anderson & Co can not be trusted.

    Maybe, with a plan in place, consolidation and or elimination make sense.

    Unfortunately every time I have asked the so called township trustees questions they have no answers.

    If you ever want to use your actually name and have a conversation involving facts let me know.

  14. Mr Skinner,my first reply to Gyvench’s lie was not posted.

    Forty one athletes and three other coaches can confirm I was elsewhere at that time. Another lie by a Bob Anderson supporter. Sad when you have to result to lies out of desperation.

  15. I see no comments from Tom Curry that are not up.

    Give me a date and an approximate time it was posted and I’ll look again.

  16. Tom anything they can do to bash pro township people they will.

    Putting signs in yards without asking, and throwing litter all over town.

    They lie to support their cause.

    One common factor they all live in big houses on the water and don’t want to pay their fair share vote NO

  17. Thank you Mr Skinner, my comments are there.

    Just took a little while to appear.


  18. Others have complained about a delay as well.

    I have no idea why that occurs.

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