Defenders Cleaning Non-Native Species from Woodstock Property

That’s what volunteers were doing last Saturday.

Students from Woodstock High School joined several others for restoration work at The Environmental Defenders’ property on Dean Street in Woodstock for the national “Make a Difference Day.”

Volunteers cleared non-native, invasive plants from the property and enjoyed one another’s company on a beautiful morning on Saturday, October 27.

Shown here from left are students Grace Cochrane and Emma Brand with Cindy Skrukrud, Chair of Defenders’ Water & Natural Resources Protection Committee, in the background.


Defenders Cleaning Non-Native Species from Woodstock Property — 3 Comments

  1. So this property is separate from McHenry County Conservation District’s 153 acre Kishwaukee Headwaters Conservation Area?

    How many acres?

  2. This looks like the Kishwaukee Headwaters Conservation Area to me. There is Hennen further south of this too.

  3. What about non-native illegal aliens which have also invaded and ruined our lands?

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