McHenry Subdivision Sends Mail Asking for No Votes on McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Referendum

Here’s what was sent to Indian Ridge property owners by the Indian Ridge Improvement Association:

Indian Ridge Homeowners received this mailing from their property owners association.


McHenry Subdivision Sends Mail Asking for No Votes on McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Referendum — 12 Comments

  1. They must be getting freebies from the township.

    Wonder who lives in that subdivision or who is on that board.

    THAT would be telling.

  2. I know nothing specific about the Indian Ridge Improvement Association, but if it’s a typical homeowners’ association with mandatory membership and petty tyrants running the show, this mailing may very well backfire on the people who sent it.

  3. Indian Ridge appears to be a subdivision in Wonder Lake south of the Anderson barber shop littering site.

    It would appear that the subdivision contains roads which are in process of being transferred to the Township as part of the County’s Non-dedicated subdivision roads project.

    The letter which contains some of the road names in that subdivision can be found here:

    Maybe there is concern relative to who will be in charge of the Roads if this referendum passes.

    Another of many unintended consequences of the ridiculous legislation passed in Springfield creating the environment for this poorly thought out referendum?

  4. People in a subdivision receiving six miles of free road at a cost of six million dollars…easy to scare with misinformation….another
    example of Jim Condon buying votes.

  5. So…what the heck is up with your Golden Boy, Cal? I hear he’s going back to college in another state? And I had to read it in the Herald? Is he gonna bail on this job or is this him playing elaborate mind games with the local paper?

    It would really be so much easier to just do. Your. Job.

  6. The County’s Non-dedicated subdivision roads projects are a expansion of government services, the county board almost all voted to buy votes.
    Andrew Gasser in Alg twh while on the county board voted to expand that extra gov service, and as Highway Comm is now spending the $$$$ as pay back for the votes he received from non dedicated subs.

  7. Free range, slack jawed goober, f’wit Joe, reaches into his Illinois entitlement freeloading mindset, to demand service from a blog he doesn’t even have to pay for.

  8. Good bye Condon and McHenry Township Highway Department. We all know Gasser was set up by Miller and his cronies. Does anyone really care where he goes to school?

    The Northwest Herald can track down where Gasser goes to school but cannot track down Anna May Miller’s time cards?

    As long as Gasser plows the roads and cuts taxes the people will not care.

  9. ALG Has new plow trucks coming in Feb somebody should FOIA this info

  10. Why didn’t the card say “Save Jim Condon’s Job!”

    Abolishing the Road Dist. and consolidating it with the Township only makes sense.

    No more Bob Millers running the Road Dist. like a personal piggy bank. We can’t afford it.

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