Message of the Day – More Bull Valley Humor

Here are the signs behind the Mike Madigan scarecrow in Bull Valley seen yesterday:

Democrats in general with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, Bobby Rush, Mike Madigan Mary Mahady, Lauren Underwood, Jack Franks and Danny Davis are mocked by these signs and the wheel barrow of manure. 

The last time I saw manure used in a political statement it was in Crystal Lake’s Christmas Parade on Thanksgiving Week in 1972.

Algonquin Township had elected Forrest B. Hare as Assessor and he had followed the law to assess all property at the same percentage of market value.

That resulted in farmland assessments being raised to 50% of sale price the same as homes and other businesses.

Alexander MacArthur, who was or became Village President of Barrington Hills after moving to McHenry County from Palatine Township, where he was the GOP Committeeman and Chief Deputy under Cook County Sheriff Richard Ogilvie before serving has Olgivie’s Racing Board Chairman.

MacArthur was so angry at his new assessment that he brought a manure spreader to the parade.

Watching from Colby Subdivision, I saw the machine with a sign referencing the data processing saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.”


Message of the Day – More Bull Valley Humor — 4 Comments

  1. That line about the last time you saw manure used in a political statement was ion 1972 made me crack up!

  2. Jack will probably claim that the display is a death threat and ask for police protection.

  3. UnderwoodNow’s statement is just more proof that the Democrats ARE the New Nazi party!

    And this threat is only over Free speech of political Humor!

    I believe this is a bonafide threat!

    The owner of this property should call the police.

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