Where Did Former MCC Board President Linda Liddell Go?

Since her replacement on the McHenry County College Board has been selected, it’s probably time to reveal why Trustee Linda Liddell left the position.

Here is her email to me:

Rose Nelson

I have a beautiful, young 91 year old mom who gets very excited when her eldest daughter comes around, so I am moving back to SD to enjoy the next 10 or 15 years with her.

I am also 600 miles closer to my children and have many nieces and nephews in the Madison/ Sioux Falls area.

Youth…they make the world go round!!

I believe our college is on very steady ground with good leadership and exciting programming that makes a difference to students and our community.

So, I think the impact of me leaving is not as disruptive.

I have so appreciated and been honored in serving our community as a trustee at MCC.

I announced my intention to resign effective at the end of the Sept. 27th board meeting.

My goal was to allow the board to expedite the process of replacing my position in October. I will be moving in mid-October.

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