TP Mathews Weighs in on Township Road District Consolidation Question

In a comment under this article Wonder Lake businessman Thomas Mathews views the township question:

TP Mathews and John Hammerand chat at his last fund raiser at the Grand Old Mill in Wonder Lake in 2011..

In response to consolidate, is the opinion of the majority of our citizen’s that the entire Township system should be reviewed to be financially compatible, workable and responsible to all other units of Government.

It is decades old and times and responsibilities have changed.

Allegedly, this is the first time in decades that McHenry Township has had a qualified and licensed road district official.

I have known Bob Anderson as a neighbor and business person for over 50 years, and believe his motivation is the result of listening to customers, neighbors and others in a community of 7,000 citizens about the corruption in Government.

Locally one of the more visible examples has been the McHenry County Road District before our present commissioner Jim Condon.

It is not the road district alone that needs to be investigated for corruption but each and every other unit of government in the Township, County and State of Illinois.

Combining the Road District into the Township group will not necessarily change any political situation, it is only the elective, appointed and employees that can take corruption out of the operation.

Please give Anderson thanks for attempting to expose corruption, against all odds.

Investigate Michael Madigan and his 920 contributors allegedly holding the citizens of Illinois and the Governors office under siege and allegedly against all citizens of the State of Illinois.

There is a urgent need for the DOJ to send a Task force to McHenry County and the State of Illinois to restore our citizens Constitutional Rights and their ability to have justice.


TP Mathews Weighs in on Township Road District Consolidation Question — 5 Comments

  1. I voted to abolish and consolidate. My taxbill demanded it.

    Sorry, township taxers. I didn’t drink yourfoul kool aid.

    Why were township personnel putting up all the NO signs? Tell you something stinks in the Township. And the stinker is Jim Condon.

  2. Township personnel can’t put up vote no signs?

    Is there a law against it?

    Bob keeps saying they did it on township time yet no proof has surfaced.

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